Android Tablets vs. Apple iPad: Comparison/Review


With the launch of Apple’s new iPad this week, everyone seems to have their eyes tuned into the tablet market. Well jump on over to Gizmodo for the full review and comparison of the iPad, HP Slate, JooJoo, and a few Android tablets (Notion Ink Adam, Dell Mini 5, Archos 7 Android).


We obviously have our favorites but would like to hear from you. The great tablet debate of 2010 is just about to begin – where do you stand right now?

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. I am liking the Dell Mini from what I have seen so far. Also I am partial to Android – :)

  2. Then Dell Mini and the Archos have perfect sized screens to “Actually” be portable. The others have great specs, but come on, who wants to haul around a 10″ piece of glass!?! If you could combine the Ipad and the HP Slate and shrink the size down to 7″ max, THEN you truly have something! A device like this NEEDS multitasking, Flash support, good connectivity (USB, HDMI)and more than a 1Ghz processor. Without them, you have a smartphone without the phone.

  3. iPhoney… I think only the iPhone loyal will ever jump at this thing, I mean, no multi-tasking? No external storage?I just don’t get Apples thoughts here? It’s an over sized iPhone, that’s all. Junk…

  4. Those “No” entries under the Android devices for Flash Support should really have an asterisk next to them because as soon as Adobe releases Flash (which is supposedly not too far off) for Android they will all have it.

  5. So far, the Notion Ink Adam looks the most enticing to me.

  6. While I love my my Droid, if I was going to go spend a lot of money on a tablet I think I would want one with Win7 for the larger variety of programs…

    On that note, my phone has actually delayed me getting a netbook because the resolutions are so underwhelming now that my phone is actually higher than a bunch of them…

  7. Where I stand? I stand with the people saying: everything sucks.

    What I want is the Microsoft Courier. It will probably never (or at least not for quite a long time) exist but it would’ve been great.

  8. My etch a sketch has infinite battery life. Beat that.

  9. Lenovo U1 looks sweet as a hybrid laptop + tablet

    Msft Courier and Dell mini 5 also very promising. I like the options that are coming. For once Apple didn’t come out with something special, just something kind of run of the mill so the competition will be fierce. Hopefully said competition will lead to some great pricing.

  10. anything running anything from microsoft is doa: Dead On Arrival

  11. The one I’m looking forward to isn’t on the list above which is MSI’s tablet.

    Unfortunately even though the iPad is crap the average consumer will probably choose it over any of these because they don’t understand technically what they’re “NOT” getting. They’ll choose it because it “looks” sexier to them than Android and other non-Apple tablets.

    As technical people we know that Android and other “FULL” OS devices are far superior to iPhoneOS devices. But as much as we love our devices and their UIs they aren’t as sexy as Apple’s (at least to laypeople in general). I’ll give Apple that much, they have the user experience nailed (most of the time).

    However, IMHO, for any of the Android tablet devices to seriously compete in the market with Apple we need to up our game. There needs to be a humanized UI layered over the core Android UI that’s simple, non-complex, intuitive, sleek, and sexy, that appeals to mass market like Apple’s does yet at the same time blowing Apple’s UI out the water. It’s the reason I chose the Eris over the Droid – the UI just felt smoother. Sure Sense UI drains my battery a little faster but I love it and will probably never turn it off.

    Apple may have a lot of patents on things but they damn well don’t own all the best UI designers out there. I think what happens is the ones out there get so caught up in trying to be better yet different than Apple they end up over complicating the UI.

    Bottom line, they’re taking a lot of heat for the iPad, let’s knock em on their asses while they’re still reeling. We got a superior OS, I say dress her up nice and make the boys at Cupertino drool.

  12. As I sit on a beach in Puerto Rico, thousands of miles from my home state of Oregon, catching up on my tech news with my Sprint Hero, I can’t help but wish I had a 7 screen. My big question about the archos is capacitive or resistive? All of their other models are resistive and thats a deal killer for me.

    I would pick up the HP slate today if it was available.

    The specs on the above list are far from final too, so a fair comparison is really hard at this point.

    What is preventing me from using the WiFi tether on my rooted hero with any of the tablets? It sure seems cheaper than paying for another wireless bill!

    This is the year of the tablets, so we’ll have to see what comes. I’ll definately be picking up one of the above instead of an ereader.

  13. Yeah, where is the MSI tablet on that list? It’s the most promising of the bunch!

    There are a lot of benefits to a windows tablet and other OS. I wouldn’t discount it so soon.

  14. Lenovo IdeaPad U1 will blow them all out of the water. I can’t wait for it

  15. These are the tip of the iceberg. Look at the explosion of Android phone models. In a few months I can’t see how there won’t be a flood of Android tablets in all shapes and sizes and prices and carriers all shooting directly at the iPad and trying to one-up each other.

    Everyone else got their bell rung when Apple hit with the iPhone, and fumbled around for two years. It set the bar very high and they all had no idea what to do. Well, with the iPad Apple didn’t set the bar high at all, and I think the others learned their lesson and the sleeping giants have awoken.

  16. Size wise,, I like the Archos the best of the bunch,, The Dell is not much of an improvement over my phone.. The others just seem too big and would make me look hard at netbooks instead.. So using Goldilocks methodology, I think the Archos is just right.

  17. To me one of the core function of a tablet is to be able to write or draw on it. So I think the best tablet needs to include this feature in addition to other feature that iPad has. Otherwise it would be just redundant to what most people have already: iPhone/itouch/laptop etc…

  18. While I agree that this is probably the tip of the iceberg, the Notion Ink has something the rest don’t… an HDMI port. Slashgear is reporting this thing to have “1080p Full HD video playback”, which I am assuming happens when connected to an HD monitor through HDMI.

    That makes this device the winner for me. The Dell Mini 5 is sweet, but I think it`s more competition for smartphones than for the other devices in this comparison.

  19. Isn’t Google only certifying PHONES for access to the main Android Market? That would seem to me to be a pretty big advantage for having a MID that is actually a phone. Yet the chart shows otherwise. I thougtht the Archos did NOT have access to the AM.

  20. All of this comparison is silly until they SHIP. Talk to me then.

  21. If anything I’d be going with the HP Slate honestly. As much as I love Android, for something like that I’d be going Windows. That and Spec wise, I think its the best. Hopefully its not ugly. The iPad is horrible looking and no matter what, if it just a big square with a screen I’ll pass on the whole tablet thing altogether and just op for a laptop.

  22. I like the Notion Ink Adam so far. Turn the backlight off and it goes grayscale for e-book reading, turn it on for full color web surfing and stuff.

    I have a phone I carry around; I don’t plan for my tablet to travel farther than the living room or kitchen, so bigger is better for me.

  23. I think that these are the wrong tablets (except the Adam) to be comparing to the iPad. The Archos and Dell are too small.

    The MSI, ICD, and others will use Tegra or Tegra 2 (which will destroy the iPad).

  24. Is the archos 7 really going to have multi touch? Its 5 inch counter part does not.

  25. The only one on the list i’m excited about is the Notion Ink Adam. It’s great to see a start-up coming up with new idea’s . If they can implement all the features they have promised this will be the winner by leaps and bounds. Possibly 5 different input methods to cater for all tastes, a new UI over android, office suite, 1080p hdmi output and they are even coding a way for existing android apps to work with their resolution even if they weren’t built that way. The Pixel Qi screen in combo with the Tegra S.O.C. may even give days of battery life.
    This all remains to be seen but please obi wan kenobi you’re or only hope.

  26. Obviously not the ipad, androids eat apples for breakfast

  27. On a table, I would like to have a tv tuner. I love Android, however, now it looks like the HP slate is for me. I use Windows 7 as a PVR. I want something that can stream the content from it. Any idea if the android tablets will be able to accept HDTV tuners? That would make it very useful for me. Everyone has different requirements. I generally have tv in the background while browsing the net.

  28. Would prefer a use case comparison.

  29. OK, here’s my take:

    Dell – Screen too small, useless
    HP – Windows Seven – I swore never to run Windows again, so it’s out
    JoJo – Web apps only – useless
    Archos 7 – screen is a bit small, but the price is right. I like it.

    The Winners are:

    Notion Ink and IPad – both of these look like good, usable devices, nice big screens, reasonable battery life, etc.

    Note: A big issue for me is loading all of my sheet music onto the device, so when I go out I don’t end up dragging along 50 pounds of binders, and also because it should in theory be easier to search for and find the right song. I’ll probably be getting one or the other, though the Archos might work.

    But I need to get my hands on them, to make a final determination.

  30. Are you serious? Do you think Pad purchase decisions will be based on tech specs? Apple is so far ahead in the areas that matter, like marketing, ease of use, functionality, and apps. The iPad’s pricing is very aggressive. In the end, this is a business strategy game, not a tech spec game. Apple will have the developers and market share, and thus the media partners hat matter.

    BTW – Your web site is a biased joke.

  31. How can the HP Slate and the Archos Android be part of this comparison, they dont even have 3G, so how are you meant to connect to the web? If Im home Im not going to sit on some tiny screen thing, rather use my desktop, so the whole point is TRANSPORTABLE… and if you are not connected to the web then its a piece of crap!

  32. If the HP Slate actually drops at $500-$600, then it’s the clear winner out of that group. I would guess that it get’s a 3G option before release as well. You could always tether your phone if it doesn’t get 3G built-in.

    The iPad is an overpriced insult. Nothing but a larger high-priced iPod Touch. Yet the clueless fruit fanboys will undoubtedly open their wallets for Jobs to rob.

  33. Honestly I think Apple will do very well in this category. While I still think that the iPad is icrap just like the rest of their products, Apple knows how to market to people but it will never be the better product.

  34. Wow, what’s with all of the hate on Apple? Let’s break down a few things…

    There’s still no device with a screen as responsive as an iPhone, trust me, I have a Hero, my girlfriend has an Eris, my friend’s got a Droid, and my other buddies all have iPhones. Hands down, the iPhone wins. Call it whatever you want, but Apple got it right.

    And for the last commenter, quit shitting on their stuff man. Macs are, in general, faster and WAAAAAAAAAY more stable for lots of stuff, Apple’s A LOT more innovative than any other company. My friend has a Macbook…you ever used the Magic Mouse from Apple, a MULTITOUCH mouse…? It’s simply the best.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my Hero to death, but the iPhone’s hot, the iPad WILL BE hot, just live in Harmony.

    Apple is a heavyweight company who holds it down when it comes to consumer devices, and for professional stuff (music/film production), there’s really no point in a PC. I’m currently going through hell with a PC right now I built last year for music production, but best believe that in a few months a Mac Pro will be sitting in its place in my studio.

    All I’m saying is, quit hating on Apple, instead you should hate on Google for allowing companies to put Android on devices at too many different versions (1.5 on Hero, 1.6 on Cliq, 2.0 on Droid, 2.1 on Nexus). It’s stupid. There should be a standard, because when the Hero first came out it was $179.99 on Sprint for a new 2 year contract, now the Nexus One is $179.99 for a new 2 year contract on T-Mobile? C’mon. Apple upgraded as they needed, and the ONLY reason I don’t have one is because:

    1. AT&T has spotty coverage and no 3G here.
    2. See above.

    No flash on the camera? MY HERO DOESN’T HAVE FLASH!

    Useless apps in the Apple App Store? Hah, download Fireworks in the Android Market.

    Closed off to Apple-only software (iTunes)? I believe this is done for tech support reasons. When something goes wrong, it’s (usually) super easy to pinpoint since they make the hardware AND the software.

    Wow…I feel better. :-)

  35. @Malpraktiss: Nice Rant!

    I believe that this may be more valuable @ an Apple Fan Forum like http://www.mac-forums.com rather than an Android centric forum.

    Just a thought! ;)

    Personally, I see no point in tablet computing versus netbook computing.

  36. @Malpraktis, I concede that Apple do make some great products, but ‘sexy’ will only get you so far. Firstly, the iphone and the ipad are (and will be)too locked down for most techies (I’m one of them). The lack of openness on Apple’s part will hurt them here. Secondly, what good is a great product when many cannot afford it, the Hero, Tattoo, G1, Magic and a ton of other devices are much more affordable than an iphone.

    I also totally disagree with your comments on Google’s tactics. Simply described, it’s both genius and necessary. The fact is without all the different iterations of Android, wide-scale adoption from manufacturers would not have been possible. Every manufacturer still places emphasis on different functionalities for each device, and to accommodate these and other requirements, iterations of the OS are a necessity. Google’s track record speaks for itself, the growth rate of the Android Market far exceeds that of Apple’s and the sheer number of devices being released this year will ensure Android continues to develop at a rapid pace. Slowly, once the OS reaches maturity, it’s development will become less hap-hazard and more conformed; but one things for sure, Android WILL be more popular than the iphone and the ipad combined.

  37. I would like to see a tablet/slate that can support different functions based on the pointing device. For example if using a stylus then the default is a pen function, finger would act as a select/pointing device, two fingers would be mulit-touch functions, larger than a finger (ie base of a hand resting on a screen while taking notes) would be ignored. This would allow you to not have to switch btw functions. Just write notes with the stylus, select something with your finger, go back to writing with the stylus.

  38. Macs are NOT faster, in fact, they are slower to their pc counter parts with identical specs. I’ve done many benchmark tests using high end programs that really make the comp work. And if apple stuff was so great, why’d they have to switch to intel chips and ditch their own pos hardware? Your just a typical fanboy malpraktis, so drink more of steve jobs piss, and delude yourself even more. Apple LOST the pc war for a reason. They will never come back. Apple will also lose the the phone war for the same reason. They won’t ditch their tried and failed business model.

  39. Hi. There. Well. Archos. 7. And. Archos. 5. Are. Too. Diffent. Tablets. Well first. Archos. 5. Has. A. 8. 16. Or. 32. Gb. Ssd. Or. 500. Gb. Hdd. And archos. 7. Has only. A. 160. Or. 320. Gb. Hdd

  40. Hi. There. Some. On. Said. They. Carry 50. Pounds. Of. Notes. Vs. A. 1.5 pound. Tablet.

  41. im sorry yall, but in MY opinion, after watching the ipad keynote its pretty enticing even though it lacks usb, hdmi, and flash. if you go and watch the iwork demos, its amazing. plus apples touchscreens blow all others out of the water. plus, you have itunes, and the app store. the need for speed demo which was only created in two weeks time was incredible on the hd ips screen. i havent seen the others UIs yet, but the ipda is pretty amazing. so watch the keynote if you dont believe me. not dissing any other tablets though just to be clear

  42. I was really interested in the iPad when it was first announced, but after a little more research about the specs, it doesn’t seem like it would really suit my needs. I use a tablet as my primary tool for work. I can accomplish everything I need on it, and have my clients sign off on contracts and “paperwork” on the spot. The iPad neither has a stylus, inking ability or (as of yet) works with any of the basic office functions I would need. The Notion Ink Adam looks promising, but again, the Android OS doesn’t suppor the Microsoft Office programs that I use on a daily basis (yes, you can get a reader for many of the file types…but I do more than read the files).
    As of now the HP Slate appears the most promising…but that remains to be seen until after it’s release; hopefully they will use faster/power efficient technology to make it more enticing. I do have to admit that I am interested to see the Microsoft Courier when it comes out…I’m disappointed that they feel the need to create a whole new OS for it, though. Some great potential in that design as it could potentially replace a Day Planner. MSI also has a Dual Screen design in prototype stage, so there may be some promise there. Although there demo didn’t separate the pages well when showing both screens. So many promising designs with a lot of hype; let’s hope they can live up to all of our expectations!

  43. Hello everyone I just have a few minor comments first off I stopped buying apple products years ago because of a statment they made about how PC’s are ruining the market by making computers so affordable….hmmm well anyway I don’t folow thier tech as I like an open market.

    I don’t buy Dell because they lied to me repeatedly some time back and I had to get the attorney general involned to get things settled. (actually he was already involved I just didn’t knkow it until I cxalled them myself) so dell is out for me…I will reconsider if they ever send me that letter of appology..

    I am a fan of android yeah a fan so I am biased to them over win7 so yeah the archos or adam will be for me as things stand now, I will need to feel them befor I could make a final though.

    And whats with the rants??? If you are a fan of something thats cool just don’t bash for the fun of it. Enjoy life …I do.

  44. There are so many browsers for google android.not just the default browser

  45. Android tablets are clearly superior to ipad from Apple. We like the Dell mini 5 for its compact size ;but, the HP Slate and the Archos are the best options for us due to their power and portability. At http://www.orbitalsoftware.ca we specialize in Android apps and all our clients use Android apps.

  46. I consider myself a gadget guy and I am a sucker for the new technology but with the comparison above I believe it is less about the tech specs and more about the applications. The Apple iPad has a huge lead in this area and I doubt they will relax. Having said that, I think I will wait to buy any of the products above.
    Apple has not distinguished this initial iPad product enough from my iPhone 3GS and my MacBook Pro, I think I have what I need for now. I have no doubt that the next generation of the iPad will be a must have, they will add functionality to keep pace with the new comers but in the end it will be the application footprint that will be the deciding factor. The only way to compete with Apple would be to entice away that huge development community somehow, good luck to all those that will try. Innovation in a America is alive and well – Viva Capitalism!

  47. Hey thanks! This helped me a lot. As a pro photographer, I want a pad that can show off my photos, but I prefer Android to Apple. Now I can see that the Adam might be just the right choice for me.

  48. APPLE is good, i am a mac user , but now i am more interested in development of android ! i believe google will WIN all the wars finally !
    chinese android are also nice and cheap , look at this one for less than 200 usd !

  49. Apple iPad is more stylish and attractive.

  50. I am a tech junkie. Information systems students, systems admin, developer and lover of all tech.

    Hardware = Hands down iPad

    GUI = iPad

    Software = Anything that can run any OS or dual boot. Only having iPad OS or Android is a disadvantage. And with a few running ARM the architecture will have limited support

    Media = iPad

    Technical Use = Anything running Android or OS

    Enjoyability = I used an Archos and iPad, iPad hands down, much better experience.

    Overall for normal user = iPad hands down


    Becausee I am no Mac nor Android nor Windows fan, I judge without a bias. From a simple standpoint, if you want to listen to music, view the web, enjoy applications, and watch movies, the iPad is going to do you the best job hands down. If you want a tablet for hacking, cracking, programming, mods you might want something running an OS other than what the iPad does (why would you use a tablet for this purpose other than that). Overall I would say iPad wins the war, but loses a battle with no build in camera. Its your personal choice really. They are all great for diff reasons.

  51. Here’s my favourite tablet that is not on that list


  52. id rather have an ipad. with it, at least everything works and works well. also, its sexy and interweb is fast and snappy, while being intuitive. ive played with the samsung slate thing and it was a joke… non of the apps worked right and the keyboard was horrible. ill get the ipad, thank you

  53. I had checked the Android 1.6, pretty cool stuff… but i think i will stick to my toshiba laptop ;)

  54. I want to buy my son a tablet to be used for law school. He’s first year now. Obviously he needs multi-tasking capability and much versatility. He is a true user of technology. He needs to be able to load apps, I’m sure. He is a fan of the Google o/s – I do know that. I have an Android phone upon his recommendation and I love it. Also, he has already written a Google app, so programming must be pretty easy. This gift is a surprise, so I’d rather not ask him what he wants…please give me objectivity based on what I’ve told you so far. I’ve read all the other comments – nuff said.

  55. I could be wrong, but I’m 99.999999% sure the iPad supports multitasking with iOS 4.0

  56. I have the Viewsonic G Tablet and it has adobe flash as of this last week. It is running the Android 2.2 OS and cost right at $400. So far the apps aren’t there for the most part because it is a brand new product but they are adding and upgrading software weekly. I purchased from Sears.com.

  57. I DO NOT recomend to buy a Tablet in “light in the Box”. At least a iMito tablet. Why?
    The battery holds only few minutes
    The movement sensors seems to be crossed (for instance, it is impossible to play with Laberinth Lite)
    Touch sensor is uncalibrating constantly, in fact there is an app named “Calibrate” (so it is known), the problem is that sometimes is still a challenge to press this calibrate button!!

    In reviews of the products you will not see any criticism unless it is in a language that they don’t understand. Why ? BECAUSE THEY SIMPLY REMOVE THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS!!!
    So they did with my review

    There must be acceptable cheap PC Tablets, but – in my opinion – not in “Light in the Box”

  58. I’ll admit, when I first saw the Ipad I immediately thought “I want one”, although I knew I had no use or need for it. Looking at the above I’m glad I left well alone. No flash support, no multitasking, no camera, no real USB support, and Apples trademark inflated price. All too reminiscent of when the Iphone came out: no 3G, no MMS, no GPS, no flash support, and an inflated price. Now it’s on version 4 the Iphone is just about where it should have been on release, you can even use it as a phone as long as you’re careful to hold it in a certain way, although it’s still got the Apple premium price attached to it.
    As for applcations, if a killer app is written for the Ipad then it’ll also get written for Android slates and probably the Windows ones too.
    Apple will do as they always do though: advertise their product way more than anybody else and make their money ripping off the fanboys. Anybody not part of the “I’ll buy almost anything as long as it’s shiny and made by Apple” movement will probably wait a few months until they’ve fixed most of the bugs/added features that should have been in to begin with, then take a look around at similar products and opt for one that does everything the Ipad does, a few things it doesn’t, and costs half the price.

  59. What’s wrong with sexy? ;-) just askin

  60. Gizmodo is pretty biased towards Apple… Engadget is more neutral…

    Where’s the Motorola Xoom comparison????? (It’s only the lead Android 3.0 tablet after all!! =P )

  61. I too favor the Adam Notion Ink. Although it seems to be one of the pricier but I’d say it still tops the list in features and flexibility. I’d even say it competes with the Motorola Xoom which everyone is touting as the biggest competition for iPad. While I agree Xoom is a great device it also carries a surprisingly hefty price tag. Who would’ve thought Apple would be considered the cheaper option for once, that’s just insane.

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