Motorola’s Shop4Apps Emerging, Developers Get Urging

shop4appsMotorola’s Dev Blog is absolutely right when they say, “very seldom does such an opportunity come along to enter an emerging market when it’s, well…emerging.” They’re also on point in suggesting that China is perhaps the single most untapped smartphone market in the world. Now they’re urging developers to cash in by getting a head start and early exposure in the brand new app store.

Although Motorola announced Shop4Apps a few days ago, the latest article is an attempt to attract developer support. If I was a developer this is an opportunity I would most DEFINITELY jump on. With several Motorola Android handsets coming out in China, users will be scouring the market for both paid and free apps. This is a tremendous chance to start building your download count and ratings early on in the game.

The Shop4Apps system is actually called in Chinese which means “Place for Apps Wisdom” when translated directly. Similarly, developers would be wise to get ready and benefit from advantages of early distribution.

Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you!

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  • enea

    the whole subscribtion process is too long, boring and confusing.
    You don’t think?

  • Josh

    yet another market for me to keep updated?!?!? what a pain in the ass. Why can’t they just use the android market?

  • enea

    josh I couldn’t agree more…but, the android market doesn’t allow me to sell my app from my country…
    that #####

  • Josh

    doh. i didnt think about that. They should just allow it and lets move on….or they should run it as a subscription service or something. like i as a developer only have to upload to the android market and all these other markets can get the apps from the android market and host them. I as a developer just don’t have the time to manage all these apps/updates on all of these different markets.

  • Zach

    You just know that China is going to pirate this, just like everything else.