HTC Accused Of Falsely Leaking Own Phone Info

We just told you how 7 HTC Android Phones were leaked. Now we’re hearing from Edwin Murtazin, Editor-In-Chief of the highly regarded website Mobile-Review, is accusing HTC of purposefully and falsely leaking information on upcoming devices.

Case and point: HTC just announced they shelved their Android tablets but Murtazin says the HTC Halo is exactly that – an Android Tablet:


eldar-murtazinThis “misdirection” play makes sense in terms of the tablet, but I’m not buying it. Eldar had my undivided attention, UNTIL he insisted that the Google Phone concept and new business model was fake, likely the brainchild of Apple who leaked the false information to spite Google.

For now I’ll assume all of this information on the seven phones is accurate until somebody else comes out of the woodworks in support of the conspiracy theory. Because last time it was a swing and a miss for the same batter.

[Via Engadget]

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  • Mensahwatts

    hummmm well this is something….I sure hope seaven phones are coming. I would like to see a bigger screened phone from htc are moto…r whoever. @Rob again I said it before and I will say it again phandroid needs to be upgraded….like adding message response that text your android are whatever phone when people @messages you. Something like that could boast up the imege of android products. Perhaps even add voice response option…. because there’s apple people who read through pahodroid and black berry to who I’m sure would begain replying in an apple fanboy/ girl type of way and…and in a curiosity type of way….yo

  • kevin

    Mensahwatts, WTF?

  • @the_real_newman


    that had to be the single most complicated statement to read…

  • Arnoud

    Ofcourse this is no control leak. Most of these profiles were online for months.

  • dbest1

    Seriously, Mensahwatts, you need to spell check or learn to spell.
    What I think he meant was (my disambiguous translation)
    Other readers from iPhone and Blackberry are readers too. Also Phandroid should make it so that someone can insert a response to a comment. Rather than saying “@ so and so” many comments later. The rest he said was lost in translation.

  • G8D

    He seems to be wrong when it comes to Android/Google.

  • Abrown


    Yeah, this guy sounds like he’s on an ego trip…but then the world does revolve around ego, one ego more gravity than the whole solar system.