HTC Sync V2.0.18 for Magic, Hero & Tattoo

If you’ve got the HTC Magic, HTC Hero or HTC Tattoo, have windows 7 and like to stay up to date on the latest sync software for your Android/Computer combination, you’ll want to know that you can now upgrade to Version 2.0.18. Check it out on the HTC support website.


Nothing major. Just thought you would want to know!

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  • kidphat

    Does the sync software work with the Nexus One?

  • ceppm

    crap! still no mac version of their sync application. get serious HTC, you shouldn’t ignore mac users!

  • CrazyDelta

    I have an HTC hero, and I’ve never actually had any use for this. Probably because I don’t really know what it does.

    What exactly does it sync?

  • Joe

    It may be because I don’t run windows, but even if I did, I honestly see no reason for it. Everything I need to sync is already synced to my Google account, media/etc are stored on the sd card which is good enough for me (and mounting via USB to transfer is easy), and any apps I buy are tied to my Google account so if I had to get a new device, I can still use those apps I paid for.

    It’s just more bloatware that they can add to the device and delay the things that customers really want (like Android 2.1 and GPL kernel source code, which they *still* haven’t released yet for the Sprint Hero)

  • Daz

    Sync tool is useful if you want to sync your data held in applications like Outlook to your phone. i.e. contacts anc calendar.

  • Eric


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  • Satvic

    Nexus 1 support would be a very good selling poitn for it? Shouldn’t Mac users prefer iPhone? :) I’m mean, you’re already 1/2 there

  • Sachin Bhargava

    It does not work.. i have windows 7 and still does not sync.. its just crap

  • ray

    You will need this software if your cell company doesn’t do an over the air update when HTC releases andoid 2.1. As far as the comment about a MAC and getting an iPhone, I have a MAC but don’t want an iPhone.

  • Furret

    Well, the sync application update may be cool, but you know what we actually want, HTC, don`t you? We want the promised update to 2.1.

    Actually, I doubt the sync would work with N1 since it`s so much Google-oriented.

  • Ronald

    Tried several times installing / reinstalling 2.018 on windows 7 32 bit and on my 64 bit laptop, hardware installed fine, but no connection whatsoever…
    It has been some time since I have seen such crappy programming…
    Spend 1,5 hours on the phone with helpdesk het in .nl, They gave up on me!
    Should I return the thing and go back to my Nokia ?

  • johnny

    I just use it to sync outlook calenda..

  • uku

    What a shit! Where is Mac version of Sync?????????

  • Suraj

    How does one copy SMS/MMS messages from HTC magic to one’s PC ?????

  • Csomesz

    Where is the Mac version? Shit HTC!!!!