Android Robot Plush Bag = Best Birthday Gift Ever


Even though the Android Robot falls under the Creative Commons license we haven’t seen the little bugger branded on doohickeys and thinga-ma-bobs around the world, ready to be purchased. Kind of curious considering its one cute hunk of green metal. While some people sit and wait for Android Robot apparel and gear, one guy was busy making it… as a birthday present for his friend LaiHiu.

Here are pictures of the hand crafted, one-of-a-kind, awesome Android Plush Bag Birthday Gift:





This dude doesn’t play around either… attached to the robot bag was a little tag that makes this thing the 100% legit officializationess look. Totally bad ass:


Homeboy didn’t leave out ANY details, even including the Creative Commons licensing attribution that technically would allow him (or any of you) to legally sell this bag or others he makes.


But I doubt that’ll happen any time soon as it took him 2 weeks to make:

“On and off it took about, I guess, two weeks?  I needed to pick the materials, figure out the design and of course, a lot of sewing and testing.  The hardest task was to come up with a design that makes it both a fully functioning plush and a fully functioning bag, while conforming to the mascot as closely as possible.  The head was a big trouble also, being a hemisphere and thus required some mathematics to calculate the right size of each piece of felt.  The internal space should just be enough to hold your D40 w/ lens should you wish.  The external shell is very strong though so it certainly won’t drop your camera.”

That is some high-grade sentimental end product right there! My birthday isn’t for another, uh, 11 months… but if anyone out there loves me enough ahem ahem.

A big thanks to Ryanne/LaiHui (the gift receiver) for sending this in – she initially shared her excitement on her blog at NiceSoda.com. And whether he wants credit or not, mad props go to Chow Yan Chi Vinci (the gift giver) at Ticoneva.com. Both are from Hong Kong and you can check out a few pictures of Ryanne (she’s a cutie) wearing sweet T-Shirts from Techcrunch, Reddit, Creative Commons, Firefox and others. Hmmm… is it time to get some Phandroid shirts printed up? How about some blue bot gear?

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  1. Love it…I was wondering when more Android related real world items would pop up. Much more lovable than a plush Apple :D

  2. I love this. :) They should sell the pattern and people can make their own. :)

  3. Am I the only one who sees the Android phone case in the background of the first pic? Are those available anywhere? I haven’t seen one, so I will assume it was handmade also. If not, me=ass.

  4. Will an $80/month Tmobile contract be required to buy this bag? and will it come with a double ETF??

  5. I totally want one. Too cute…

  6. Rob,

    Under the Creative Commons license. Are you allowed to use the android robot image on different products or items and sell it to the public.


  7. jo lol

  8. @GORT22
    why don’t you give it a try ? we’ll just sit here and watch you ending up in a jail and being ass raped by other prisoners

  9. I believe that the Creative Commons license allows you to use the actual Android character, but NOT the Android logo.

    There are number of t-shirts available on Cafe Press and Zazzle, featuring the Android character but none with the actual logo, I believe the same would be for any other product for sale.

  10. @Maj
    you can toss my salad anytime. lol jk

    Thanks for the info. Thats good to know. My masterplan to take over the world will soon begin. Muuuhaaaahaaa! lol

  11. Rob: give me two weeks and you can buy containers full of these made by a partner in china – needless to say they will be dirt cheap.

    this beautifully crafted bag will probably remain unique, though.

  12. I must have for my office desk: all the girls would stop to woowoo over it. Puppies aren’t allowed in my office:-(

  13. It’s really cute, but with the limbs being attached by velcro only, I foresee the robot losing his limbs with some jostling and rough use of the lens-carrying case.

  14. @dartballstar you’re right, it’s a hand-made phone case featuring the little green robot :-) i bought it on etsy:


    there’s also this Google Android USB 4GB from the official google store (note: this is their non-US store – the item was sold out at the US store):


    i got mine when there were only 8 left. i just checked and they’re only 2 left!

  15. While this bag is no doubt awesome I hardly think it’s the best bday gift ever. That honor would go to the nexus one imo. That is until the droid2 or nexus2 or whatever comes out and bests the nexus one.

  16. That is the coolest thing. EVER.

    I want a grungy Android laptop case.

  17. @Mubarak: By that logic the best birthday gift ever will technically never be invented, considering that once the next big phone comes out a week/month or so later they’ll announce an even better phone, and then after that another phone that will best the previous one. It’s a vicious cycle.

  18. My mom and I made this one… it’s nearly identical to the one shown here. Only 10 being made… check it out…


  19. Why cant they make a teddy bear of android robot? :D

  20. It’s fine, but with the limbs being attached by velcro only, I foresee the robot losing his limbs with some jostling and rough use of the lens-carrying case.

  21. Where I can buy it ?
    please :)
    i want it for my boyfriend to birthday

  22. haha thats awesome! the removeable arms are pretty cool. i found a mrs. android keychain @ http://www.androidthang.com

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