Thief Caught With MyLookout Android Application!

A couple in Wilsonville, Oregon had their home broken into while they were sleeping only to find out that both of their Motorola Droid Android Phones and other valuable electronics had been stolen. The thief must not have known the rightful owner had installed an Android Application called Lookout because soon after he began taking pictures of himself with one of the Droid cameras.


The application performs a backup service at midnight every night and the self-portrait pictures of the robber were uploaded to the web as part of the service.

GOTCHYA! The suspect was a 15-year old male who police believe had been scoping out the victim’s house for quite some time. They also believe there is at least one accomplice since the pictures were taken by a third (or second?) party. Pictures from the phone, only some of which are displayed below, were used to identify the suspect.


A local television news station ran with the story and you can watch the video here. While they show the Droid in all its Android glory and briefly picture the MyLookout web interface, they don’t go into depth on either.

Because the thieving boy was only 15-years old they would not disclose whether or not he was a jealous iPhone fanboy trying to secretly indulge in his love for Android.

[Thanks John!]

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  • chris (tmo tier 3 tech)

    i wonder if he knows gloves dont work too good with capacetive screens.

  • bob

    hahahahahahahaha another reason im getting an android december when my parents allow

  • Gunner

    Most criminals don’t get into the crime business because their geniuses, fortunately.

  • Coolmandingo

    i hope they fry them bastards!!!

  • Brett

    That’s wtf you get…idiots.

  • phoenix

    gunner, they probably know the correct they’re, there, and their though.

  • The Black Guy

    Hmmm…. Installing the Lookout app NOW!

  • king_of_hearts

    Tried the app. It wouldn’t sync… i had to backup FROM the phone, and the GPS wouldn’t work till after I did the backup (and the GPS coordinates were way off from my location).

    Needless to say, this app might be in beta, but it needs some real work because at its current stage I wouldn’t trust it to save my phone.

    These people got lucky.

  • Robert

    Just downloaded the app – very cool. I love how it scans the phone for threats and was able to back up my data and locate my device from the web.

  • G

    hehe Karma

  • david

    If they will not give full information before you have to sign-up…POOR CUSTOMER FOCUS…stay away….

  • Maj

    Droid does :P

  • bummer

    Try my look out again. It wasn’t working the first day I had it, but it works now. I have tested it.

  • Artem Russakovskii

    I’ve been using MyLookout for a few months now and it’s great. I’ve been able to track my phone from the web and send a horrible screaming noise that cannot be stopped (unless you kill the program, I guess) to it. It backs up all the pictures nightly and that part works well too.

    The only thing – it can be uninstalled and/or killed. Wish there was some sort of protection against that.

  • Terry

    I’m going to have to try this app. I currently have WaveSecure and Mobile Defense installed on the device as well.

  • Hans

    look at the pictures.. focus horrible. Droid doesn’t whole ting on “Droid does” is full bs!

  • Satvic

    the pics they’ve been obscured to protect the identity of the genius criminal :)))))))) Android really DOES(proud N1 owner)

  • Cybersedan

    Hahaha, Good one…

    Does your phone catch thieves? DROID DOES…. in a world of doesn’t, DROID DOES :-)

  • swehes

    @Artem Russakovskii
    They could probably add a pin code to the program, and if the wrong pin is put in three times, it will lock down the phone with a password and broadcast the GPS signal to all the emails you setup. :) Heck. A live feed would be sweet to. :)

  • drfrankc

    Further proof that the Droid takes crappy pictures

  • Kwaping

    You can’t buy that kind of marketing!

  • Hans

    Haha, Lookout is a cool app. The pics suck because: A) They were moving around. B) They didn’t use the AF(auto-focus). Droid DOES take good pictures. :)

  • Hans

    Btw, I didn’t write the post about the Droid having crappy focus. That was another Hans. D:

  • Lookout Mobile Security

    Thanks everyone who has downloaded or checked out the app so far, and for all the feedback! Be sure to tell yout friends, and if you have questions or need support, contact us at

  • SprSynJn

    15 years old? That’s just sad…

  • just some dude

    yeah ill second wavesecure, it picked up my gps location with in 30 feet, and it sends you the phone number of the sim, if a diffrent sim is inserted, also has the option to lock the phone on sim swap and get gps location. and its free.

  • Cameron

    I’m happy because I got this app 2 days ago. What sold me was the feature to SCREAM, make a loud siren even if your phone’s ringer is off, haven’t had to use yet but, situations like that have happened with older phones. And being able to login to an online account and locate your phone. App is awesome.

    And sad, because those photos are terrible. I’ve learned not to take lowlight. Hopefully they only released the bad ones on purpose to protect his identity.

  • John Davis

    Wow, thats prety funny. Some crooks are just too stupid, he is clearly one.


  • art

    is that what the photos look like on the 5 mpx camera by the droid ?

  • brent

    microsoft has been doing this exact same thing with windows phones with the free myphone application, and im sure iphones have similar apps…so all you “Droid does” fan boys are a little ridiculous because its nothing new.

    If the theif was smart he would have done a hard reset (assuming droid phones have that).

  • ex-Googler

    Headline: The Internet’s Total IQ Plummets 100 points Due to Ignorant Trolls (see below for real time examples):

    @brent … are you really comparing Windows Mobile with the likes of Android and IPhone. Please go shoot yourself now.

    @drfrankc … what exactly are you a doctor of, stupidity? Those aren’t all the photos #1, and #2 the camera was moving around.

    @Hans #16 … Are you and drfrankc from the same family?

  • brent

    lol @ ex-Googler…I was comparing apps, not phones. maybe you should try to raise your own IQ. This story is about the benefits of an app that just happened to be on a Droid phone. This story could have been about any phone with a similar app but since its on a Droid, all you fanboys are getting ecstatic.

  • Olly

    @brent – you must know very well that myphone has nothing like these camera and security functions. myphone just backs up your phone online, and it isn’t even very good at that. I should know, I use it. 200MB data limit. Is Bill joking? Exactly which WinMo app are you comparing to MyLookout then? Tell me, so I can go get it.

    It’s bad to be a Droid fanboy, but to go around supporting Windows Mobile? That’s very very sad.

  • Kevin

    They did not say this was lookout, nor did they say it was a droid phone. This is bullshit.

  • Dirkgently

    Does this app work in the UK? I have just tried it and I get the message “error connecting” below my droid logo. Unfortunately this means none of the web based “Missing Phone” options work for me.