Lenovo LePhone Pictures Are LeLovely

Although the awkwardly aligned keyboard layout seems more like an OCD-inspired distraction more than anything else, the Lenovo Lephone looks absolutely amazing otherwise. New press pictures have popped up in the Flickr Photostream of the company and we’re left drooling:







Rumor has it the Lephone won’t be escaping the grasp of China any time soon… if at all. So if feasting your eyes is causing an appetite to generate, be warned that you may be left starving.

And by the way… yes, that keyboard is detachable.

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  • JiMMaR

    looks too good , but weird ..
    who’s gonna walk around with a detachable keyboard ?

  • John

    That’s a pretty phone.

  • Z-liberator

    slightly ahead of the curve and yes, I would love a detachable keyboard!

  • jo

    It looks very feminine with that red color. They should call it “The Period”.
    maybe do OTA updates like .. I don’t know.. once a month.

  • Rejz

    Looks good and if you dont want a physical keyboard you could just leave it and if you want a physical keyboard you could just attach it.

    But from the looks of the Keyboard it think you have to spend a lot of time to get use to it especially that D Pad in the middle

  • ari-free

    This is what the Droid should’ve been like. yummy but with a keyboard. even has a number row

  • reiyu

    I’m just commenting to let you all know that jo’s comment is gold.

  • jo

    thanks reiyu,
    it’s because of the support of ppl like you that I can still go on making gold.

  • Terran

    this just blew my mind. what hell. why dont companies do this more. reminds me of that new netbook/tablet (the lenovo ideapad U1) that they showed off at CES a few days ago.

  • asqwerth

    Nice idea and design. Only question: if the phone rings, or I have to make a call while the phone’s in the clamshell/keyboard case, how do I use it? Do I have to:

    1. open up the clamshell and put the whole opened up device next to my ear? (highly awkward and silly-looking, like having a whole open book plastered to the side of your face)
    2. answer the call in hands-free speaker mode? (meaning everyone around me can hear the conversation)

    Having to take the phone out of the case in order to make/take a private phone call would be inconvenient.

    We haven’t yet seen the bottom of the clamshell case. It would be good if there was some speaker/mic setup there, which comes into use when the phone is in the case.

  • qwertz

    this is a lenovo phone.. it has no telephone funktion *evil*