Droid Dominates XMas Downloads

The Motorola Droid for Verizon Wireless is selling very, very well… there is no denying that. Exactly how well? That’s up for debate, but only a month ago there was speculation that 600,000+ Droids would be sold during the last 2 months of the year. Owners of those phones are downloading a HECK of a lot of applications: a new report by Flurry claims that on Christmas, Droid owners accounted for nearly 50% of all Android Market downloads:


Are you surprised? I’m not… last month we took a look at which Android Phones seem to be doing the most web browsing, and we saw the Droid was 2nd to the HTC Dream/G1. When you get a brand new Android Phone what is one of the first things you do? Check out and try out all the applications/games you can in Android Market. And what is the hottest new Android Phone? The Motorola Droid.

Still, it’s pretty interesting to see how the Droid is absolutely lighting up the market and nice to hear that Verizon hasn’t – at least last time I’ve checked – suffered any system downtime or slowdowns from the ridiculous data loads.

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  • Mensahwatts

    yup I download a lot more with my droid then I did with my g1, I mean the scream is so dandy bright and cool looking….it is no wonder

  • Maj

    HTC Hero should be doing a lot better than mytouch or even the g1, that’s totally weird, it looks smooth and it’s very very cheap

  • Aaron

    This is only in the United States; The Hero has only been out for 2 months on a carrier about the size of T-Mobile.

  • http://rongthach.com/ Ron

    I downloaded a few things so far on my Droid, and I’m still waiting for more awesome apps to be release next year.

  • cwrig

    Im surprised Hero is not more active also. I actually like Hero better than droid. Hero has got to be the most under rated phone.

  • Jerry

    Does the HTC Hero include the HTC droid Eris

  • http://l3reak.blogspot.com/ l3reak

    That’s a good observation you made that the data is probably skewed since people with new phones are more likely to download more programs. Good job with a level head and not just saying “OMG 50% OF ANDROID PHONES ARE DROIDS”. I just got a Droid myself and I’m definitely downloading a lot of programs. Even though I got it about a month ago, I still usually download several programs every day, although I download a lot less than I did when I first got it, and I’ll probably continue to download less and less.

    Nice to see new articles.

  • nick

    so true! I’ve already downloaded more than fifty apps!

    so far Gameboid is my favorite app

  • http://www.jonatech.com jonatech

    The more the downloads, the more applications that will be developed! Here comes the Android Army – iPhone should watch out.

  • Jason

    It will be interesting to see what the after-Christmas Platform Versions pie chart looks like.

  • ari-free

    this is why all those comments by Gameloft looked stupid right after Droid was released

  • julius

    that’s so true. And the apps are now even better than in iPhone. I am showing off with Trippo Mondo and there’s nothing alike in iPhone. Droid rules!

  • plzkthx

    I had a droid, but returned it for the Eris for a handful of reasons that I’ll keep to myself. Anyways, according to both Verizon locations I visited during the holidays the Eris was actually moving faster than the Droid. Now this could just be for my area, much like in my area I see probably seven blackberries to an iphone, when I read numbers saying the iphone is much more popular.

  • Allen K

    Where’s Motorola Cliq in this chart??? There’s plenty of them out there.

  • alex

    Yea and what about the samsumg momenr. This chart is not up-to-date at all. If yur going to do a precent chart then u should have. All the android phones from every carrier.