Yelp Version 1.2 Hits Android, Adds Features

yelp-12A few weeks ago Yelp launched their Android application to Android Market. And in the past few days, rumors that Google was set to buy Yelp for $550 million of fallen just as quickly as they have risen. All that craziness aside, Yelp fans will be happy to know that an update to the Android App is now available – Yelp version 1.2.

The update adds several new features including the ability to log-in to your Yelp profile, the ability to take and upload photos from your phone directly to, and the option to Share information about a business with friends via SMS, email, Facebook and other mediums. Notice in the picture the “Share” and “Add Photo” buttons? That’s exactly what we’re talking about.

The initial release of Yelp may have been bare bones but getting a feature filled update this early is a pleasant surprise. Not only that, I’m told the Yelp team will be working hard to release yet another update “early in the new year” which sounds promising. Pile on the features and we’ll gobble them all up!

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  • John Hughes

    Well, I still can’t see Yelp, Runstar, or Foursquare in the android market and no one seems to have an answer for me. Very frustrating.

    G1/Cyanogen 4.x


  • Dave Smith

    Waaa, my modded phone doesn’t work properly!!

  • Usman

    Try a different ROM. I’m running Dwang’s latest and it blows Cyanogen’s out of the water. No offense to Cy, he’s still the father of modern ROM.

  • AnonCow

    Expect updates to come quickly since Yelp engineers WON’T be sitting around counting their Google millions…

  • Wilco

    How is this different or better than Sherpa?