Bell Gets First Android – Samsung Galaxy!

Oh Canada! Your country has given us many good things: bacon, politeness, cheaper prices for those who cross the border, and John Candy. So it’s only adequate that we give you the Android in return. We told you last week that the Samsung Galaxy would go on sale December 10th on Canada’s Bell and it looks like that panned out pretty perfectly:


Bingo bango. If you’ve been waiting for this bad boy, check it out and it could be yours for less than $100 bucks. This is Bell’s first Android Phone so those Canadians who felt like they were left in the dark – now you shall see! Let us know how you like your new robot friend.

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  • James

    …and running an already-obsolete Android 1.5. No plans to upgrade to 1.6, 2.0 or 2.1 given by Samsung. From a current Galaxy owner: find a different manufacturer.

  • Jim


    From another Samsung Galaxy Owner!

  • Josh

    Samsung please go back to your winMo or Symbian phones or your new Bada crap. Leave the Android to other companies who get the software right…

  • detroid

    You forgot Poutine. Canada gave the world poutine.

  • ari-free

    and Blackberry…

  • fred

    Can’t believe people are already complaining about the firmware version. Sigh…..

    Someone will probably come out with a 3rd party image soon enough so you can play.

  • Espen

    So they’re NOW selling an already old and abandoned phone? Right… Well done Bell.

  • honz

    I’m with Bell and just picked up the Galaxy yesterday. Overall it is a neat phone, better than my blackberry 8830 but its lack of Exchange connectivity is really a pisser. I am sure that a 2.0 upgrade will be made available soon whether it’s from samsung or from a 3rd party source. Either way, it will fill in the gap until I can get my hands on a Motorola Milestone from Brazil.

  • Rene

    I had this phone for 6 days. Andriod is great, but unfortunately the phone didn’t like the service in my area. Often the only way to get reception was to power donw, remove the battery and sim, put them back in, and power up. After a minute lon boot I would have perfect reception again… for a random amount of time.

    I also found that while I was surfing using Wi-Fi the phone switched back to 3g, even though the wireless router was within 15 feet of me and others were surfing on their laptops and even on an iPhone.

    I would still have this phone, but with the connectivity problems I had I had to return it… it is still a phone for me and if it doesn’t send or receive calls at random times then it is useless.

  • Onyour6

    bought Galaxy s 2 weeks ago (release date) planned on buying iphone ios4 ended up with this galaxy s (with os 2.1) this phone just rocks … as i type this i am using my phone as a video server using the wifi to watch shows on my tv :) … because i can !