Galaxy i7500 Hitting Jingle Bell?

According to, Canadian mobile carrier Bell is scheduled to release the Samsung Galaxy i7500 on December 10th. This will be Bell’s first Android device so that in of itself is a bit of a big deal!

Samsung Specs and information:
Chipset Qualcomm: 7200A, ARM11 528MHz + DSP 256MHz
Camera: 5MP AF + Power LED
Internal Memory: 8 GB
Display Resolution / Size: 3.2’’ HVGA (320 x 480) AMOLED
3G Bearer and Band: HSDPA 7.2Mbps / HSUPA 5.76Mbps (900 / 1700 / 2100MHz)
2G Bearer and Band:EDGE / GPRS (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900)

PhoneScoop Video Review:

Hopefully this pulls through and excites many a Bell customer.. just in time for the holidays! Android 1.5 is better than no Android at all, right?

[BGR via MobileSyrup]

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  • G

    The data frequency in this news clip does not match that of Bells network….
    Good to see Android on all three of Canadas networks :)

  • by

    galaxy i7500’s a great device
    you forgot to mention its 8GB internal memory!

  • jeremy

    No he didn’t.

  • Talton "Phases" Pettigrew

    @jeremy: edited it in.

  • PF

    Lets see if any Canadian guy, with spare time and linux capabilities can make a ROM that has the 2.0 and brings the Galaxy to the spot light.

  • Caspar

    Hands off this device! Seriously.

    I still runs Android 1.5 and its unclear whether it will ever run higher than 1.6. Or even when it will run 1.6.

    Also the firmware is badly optimised for the hardware and it actually runs slower than the G1.

    Samsung has and is continuing to fuck up.

  • http://androidphonefans deezle

    Am I the only one out here kinda upset that a that has 8 gigs onboard,and most of the other androids rolled out recently still have 258 megs?Devs aren’t going to see the download numbers they want to see until we have the space available to really take advantage of a market that has really grown to an impressive size.Got my g1 prior to paid apps,and really have to scrutinize any decision,based on available room,lag,etc.Not everyone seems willing to adopt root and a2sd as some of us have.

  • Keni

    At one point this phone interested me, but with the Motarola Milestone set to come to telus early next year, I gotta go with that.

  • Jason

    I couldn’t agree with you more deezle. Samsung had one device that actually could start to compete with the Iphone.

  • boidt

    …it also has a scratch-resistant display.

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  • hw helper

    I bought one Samsung i7500 last week, main problem is battery. It will take 2 hrs to 100% charging and works only 8 hrs, after it said low % like 20%. So, we have to charge twice a day.

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