Video of 2.1 on a Euro Hero

YES! That is a video with Eclair on a European HTC Hero. Many of us 1.5ers are craving an update on our OS.

This 2.1 seems to look a lot like HTC’s Sense and Google’s Android 2.0. With the success of Sense it would make sense for Google to make the user interface (UI) a lot nicer looking.

Well we can count our blessings. Now that it’s out there it depends on the carriers and phone manufacturers to get cracking on this.

On an unrelated note: “Why is it that every European phone related video has Techno music?”

[ 2.1 at XDA – GSM only! ]

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  • ari-free

    shrek’s phone?
    ah but can it do app2sd…

  • userfriendlyme

    uggg at the vid and music playing. what kills me is when folks do a video to show off a new update and it looks to me hes had a few problems with just the touch screen responding lol. anyways woot for 2.1 now lets get some moto cliq 2.1 luv

  • NotSoSilent

    I want!

  • AlexDroid

    I noticed the Tmobile branding on this phone. Too bad for U.S. Tmobile customers

  • Jonathan

    Anyone know how the performance will be with 2.1? It seemed to run a little snappier in maps and youtube. Im hoping its a little more responsive!

  • PR

    God that picture makes me hungry. When’s lunch!?

  • mez

    I have also noticed that the updates seems to be from Europe only..I have set up a wave for those that have google wave which is reporting updates to the HERO both in the UK and USA, just search within google wave for Android 2.1 for HTC Hero

  • Z-liberator

    Looks good, I am guessing before January. Yeah!

  • Matt Fisher

    On an unrelated note: “Why is it that you put your aside in quotes?”

  • schwiz

    looks obnoxiously laggy to me, like worse than the G1 not rooted.

  • Mike

    Looks like Sprint users are SOL since we are CDMA.

  • NotSoSilent

    @Mike 2.x has support for CDMA

  • HungryLion

    Hmmm .. isnt this Sense on top of Android 2.1 ?

  • Jean-Loup

    I thought 2.1 was Flan, and 2.0 Eclair, that’s confusing…

  • TK



    ummm …. that’s a rooted phone

  • Fourthletter

    So why are most of the HTC widgets missing ?
    Seems pretty fast but why does the video maker not show us turn-by-turn navigation with Google Maps or the voice control ?

    And of course if you don’t record sound then don’t add crap techno !

  • Martin

    @HungryLion – I’m with you. At 1.13 in the video the Build number clearly identifies it as sense:
    Hero_WWW 2.1 Sense#…

  • john28ryr

    why is someone with a Euro version of the Hero looking at a Google map of Freehold, NJ?

  • Robfactory

    “Because it’s an actual statement said when I saw the video.” lol

  • EmilianM

    why is moving so slow ?

  • paris

    Wat a waste of bandwidth and internet space….this video didn’t prove tile use it with actual HTC sense software running..otherwise it was nothing but another Android 2.0 phone running

  • INsano

    “On an unrelated note: “Why is it that every European phone related video has Techno music?””

    –Have you ever been to Europe? London? Germany at all? Spanish dance clubs? It’s uh, kind of popular there.

  • McGusto

    THIS VIDEO IS BULLSHIT!!!! oh my god, how can someone do so a bad video. the video has no expressiveness. sorry for this bad comment, but it’s the truth.

  • Incolumis

    techno music? it’s called dance, techno is way different lol. and yes, electronic styles are really popular here in europe

  • Axsuul

    Stop generalizing the music and calling it techno!!! Anyways, the author only showed off layers which is sad

  • Z

    Wow, Android 2.1 has waaaayyyy too many entries in the Settings app.

  • cwrig

    Way to make a video that shows practically nothing!

  • john

    Go American music!

  • john

    Hi, I need some advice. SHOULD I GET THE DROID, OR SHOULD I GET A SENSE PHONE AND WAIT FOR IT TO GET UPDATED TO 2.1? The SCENES feature in HTC Sense just amazes me, and I cannot imagine having Android without SCENES.

  • onlyever

    Umm… Don’t make fun of me, but I’m lost.

    Isn’t Android 2.0 Eclair? And if so, wouldn’t that make this Hero to be running Flan? Of are they simply calling it 2.1 even though it is really simply 2.0 running with Sense interface?

    That really was not made clear to me. D:

  • Adam

    That’s about as far from “techno” as it gets. It’s not techno because it has a beat.

  • Kev

    Wow, lose the Techno music.

  • NRBovee

    You guys notice Wireless Tether for Root Users in app drawer?

  • jairomeo

    This ROM WAS NOT done by XDA, it was done by, even the XDA post links to the actual thread where Eugene released it. Please fix your facts if you want to be an actual news site, report the correct news

  • JayMonster

    @jairomeo ummm… They credit where they sourced the story from (and don’t unfairly bypass them by going directly to… so in reality they are reporting the facts and their source quite correctly.

  • TDK

    Yeah, they’re in Freehold, NJ. Somebody get that phone!!! Lol.

  • jairomeo

    @jaymonster, so what happens when euguene pulls the link of xda that redirects you to alldroid? Fact is it isn’t available on xda because xda has to point the site that actually is hosting the Hero 2.1 rom, and yes people, it is the real hero 2.1 dump

  • PoP

    And why is it that every “unboxing/revealing” video has to make me sea-sick? Don’t people know about….tripods?

  • doublebullout

    I appreciate someone taking the time to shoot video and try to demo 2.1, but most of the video is simply swiping to go back and forth through the 7 home screens. Boring. Other than the icons, the video doesn’t demo anything particularly different from 1.5/1.6. Poorly scripted.

  • X cube

    The video is terrible,Nothing new you can’t learn from more detailed droid videos & photos of 2.1 on a htc device

    the ROM is slow due to the dump being a beta,its equally quick on my G1,as it is on my Hero,not yet optimized at all
    if u want to say Navigation,its available on all devices

    btw the song isn’t dance/electro/house/techno
    Its hip-hop !!! :P