Gameloft: 180 Degree Walks The Talk

gameloftA few days ago, Gameloft was explaining why Android sucks and they were pulling dev dollars in favor of the iPhone. Other developers felt differently, including… apparently… Gameloft?

Today the company posted a press release with the title “Gameloft Supports The 2nd Generation of Android Phones“:

Paris – Gameloft®, a world leader in the publishing and development of downloadable video games, plans to launch High Definition games on next generation Android phones like the Motorola Droid and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.

“The arrival of this new generation of phones will allow the development of High Definition games that make the most of the technological capacity and the speed of execution offered by the new Android phones. Consumers will benefit from a top quality gaming experience,” says Gonzague de Vallois, vice-president of Publishing at Gameloft.

Gameloft also continues to support the current generation of Android phones and announces the imminent arrival of titles such as Assassin’s Creed. These titles will be accessible on the Android Marketplace and Gameloft internet sites and will further strengthen our catalogue of Android games already available.

Perhaps I’m confused with the definition of support because I could have sworn in that other article I read something where Gameloft finance director Alexandre de Rochefort said:

“We have significantly cut our investment in Android platform, just like … many others.”

I guess they were referring the THIRD definition of support from

“to undergo or endure, esp. with patience or submission; tolerate.”

Regardless of the flip-flopping, you’ll soon have Assassin’s Creed and other Gameloft games at your disposal. And if you’ve got the Motorola Droid or are getting the Xperia X10, I would expect Gameloft to have some pretty awesome titles upcoming.

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  • John

    Maybe someone whispered some upcoming secrets into their ears that rekindled their taste buds?

  • Aerimus

    Rofl…kinda makes you wonder if someone is going to get fired. Sounds an awful lot like someone made a comment that the executives disagreed with. Although, of all people, I would think that the finance director would have discussed that first. lol

  • jonathan

    Gameloft sucks.

    The end.

  • ari-free

    game devs have to go after the high end and forget about the lowest common denominator.

  • manolo

    Big deal…Why people play on capacitive touchscreen phones is a mystery to me. Good riddens Gameloft. PSP is da shizzy!!!

  • jeremy

    ill bet that they got a flood of people emailing them about it over the last week or whatever. i know i gave them some hate mail. also all of the android sites comments. ya i think someones is getting reemed.

  • Andrew

    Does it include HTC Droid

  • ari-free

    “Why people play on capacitive touchscreen phones is a mystery to me.”

    that’s why the droid will be better for games than the xperia and those htc’s that everyone is drooling over. You need good game controls!

  • Ironosity

    Assassin’s Creed is already in the market for $2.99. And I just can’t understand why it doesn’t look like the iPhone’s assassin’s creed? Why do we get the nintendo version? Both android and iPhone support openGL ES so what gives? Lack of effort I’d say.

  • Y314K

    “It will probably be the first phone to run a new version of Google’s Android software, codenamed Flan, offering high-speed 3-D gaming said to be as good as that of many handheld consoles.”

    Abort!!! Abort!!! Abort!!!

    We love Android… Can we have some Flan with that..

  • chuksy

    i knew they’ll come rushing back, but not this fast

  • Carig

    haha well i guess it’s nice to know they plan on releasing more games but one thing i learned from reading the comments on their android dissing is that their android games seem to be pretty crappy. Can you say “shoot yourself in the foot”, gameloft?

    of course, IF done well, assassin’s creed on the droid could be very fun

  • ari-free

    Gameloft exec: Android sucks! Google needs to do this and that!
    Google exec whispers in his ear: Excuse me, Sir. You may want to look at this…
    Gameloft exec: uh… ahem. Yes, we are proud to announce that we are working on the latest killer games for Android!

  • Y314K

    Google exec whispers to GameLoft exec: All your bases are belong to us…

  • mustumasti


  • mustumasti

    TBH… I wont be hurt much. Its better to have good games then to have ported games.

    Most of the Gameloft games are shit (Functionality wise) You better make Android specific games or dont.

  • G

    @Y314K lol

  • Derrick

    I don’t play games on phones, I play them on my PS3

  • Style

    Looks like someone needs to open mouth and insert foot.

  • jaam

    Maybe they have been looking at all the return comments most people and reviewers have been posting and have noted that it is due to the increadibly poor porting of their games and entirely their fault rather than anyone elses.