Motorola Backflip Gets Rumored Specs, New Name

motorola-motusThe Motorola Motus we’ve been hearing about lately might just be renamed the Motorola Backflip – the company recently trademarked the name and with the form factor we’ve been shown, it would make sense. But there may be more than meets the eye: AndroidAndMe got an anonymous tip of leaked specs that include a “reverse flip keyboard” and “rear directional touchpad”. Yeah… Backflip I think it is.

With WCDMA Band 4 support it appears the Motus will do a Backflip right onto T-Mobile’s lineup. Yesterday we saw the first leaked image, today we get leaked (and rumored) specs:

  • 528 MHz Qualcomm MSM7201A
  • 512 MB ROM
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 3.1 inch display 320 x 480 (HVGA)
  • 5 megapixel camera with LED flash
  • WiFi / Bluetooth 2.0 / GPS
  • OS Android 1.5 with Motoblur
  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900 W-CDMA 850/900/1700/1900/2100
  • Reverse flip keyboard
  • Rear directional touchpad

Who has this on their radar?

PS: I failed to come up with a pun mixing “radar” with “android” or a  related term. RobotDar? DroiDar? Andar? Robdar? Nearly impossible. So pretend I made a funny and laugh to make me feel like the time was well spent. Thanks.

PPS: Was just talking with Taylor Wimberly who mentioned the word “Motus” actually means “Gesture”… this is like a game of Clue. Motorola killed Mr. Motus in the Billiards Room with a Backflip?

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  • Omar

    Droid-Dar is the best of the puns I think.

  • Dominique

    So, the specs basically look more like what the G1 should have been (more ram, more rom, wcdma for both T-Mobile and AT&T, and a little nicer looking). Not enough to make me upgrade my G1…

  • shaneaus

    I doubt the specs will keep the ATT 3G bands if it goes to T-Mobile. However, if it does… I’ll pick one up as I’m still stuck on ATT’s Edge with my G1. Why still on ATT? Here in Austin, Texas ATT has the best coverage for talking int he rural areas (where I work). Co-workers with T-mobile and Verizon keep dropping calls (although Verizon has the best data coverage IMHO).

  • http://N/A Yousif


  • Craig

    Mr.Motus knew too much, he had to go…
    The backflip was just a cool way :D

  • Usman

    So it looks like the Moto Cliq… and it has the same specs as the Moto Cliq. It’s also running Android 1.5 with MotoBlur…like the Moto Cliq.

    Does anyone else see a problem here?

  • Felix M

    dont need any more sh@%ty moto blur phones
    We need sum sense and or eclair

  • Bennett

    This is the name hold me too it.

  • DannyDarko

    I think the phone design is cool in theory its obvious that it flips out from the back since you can see the camera top left hand corner but, how practical is that if it’s in your pocket? Besides that the obvious lack of updated K.C., anything less than 2.0 is ridiculous at this point

  • Ed


  • Joshua

    Same shoddy processor, WTF you cheap bastards, a god damn Zune comes with Tegra. Decent proc, 3.5mm headset, led flash with a decent camera, how god damn hard is that to do? every Android phone on the market is an almost coulda been great if we just hadn’t been so damn cheap with the hardware. Droid is almost there but the stupid asymetrical lip bugs me and giving me the same proc from the iphone 2yrs later when it’s about to come out with an even faster one? Stop playing grab ass and gimme a phone I actually want to pay for.

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  • Wilco

    I agree, Joshua. The memory specs are a nominal offering, but the processor is less than nominal. Maybe this is for teens? But as a T-MO customer, give me shit I want!! N1 is a great start. Droid would be fine too. X10, and that sort of spec. Otherwise, don’t bother me, I’ve got a 14 month old G1, rooted and running like it was 2009. Don’t give me G1 specs anymore.