Motorola Motus Picture Leaked?

It’s been a month since we’ve peeped a word about the Motorola Motus, but since its supposed to launch in the 1st quarter of 2010, its about that time for the rumor mill to start churning. And what we have here is an alleged leaked photo of yours truly:


The keyboard looks super-flat which is one comlaint I have with the Droid – and like the Droid it is only 4 rows. Nonetheless its probably pretty thin, has a 5MP camera and looks like with the keyboard closed it will be pretty attractive. Only a rumor for now, don’t take this as a definite legit picture, but we’ll keep you posted.

[ via Engadget]

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  • rpcutts

    It’s probably just the photo but the keys on the qwerty look touch sensitive.

  • Z

    Looks like an iPhone knock off with a slide out keyboard… *sigh* when will they learn

  • ROn Saldanha

    Looks like cliq’s cousin to me..

  • paladaxar

    Why are “leaked” pics always blurry? Cameras only take good pictures of fully released products? So weird.

  • TheShaz

    I think they are blury becasue they are NOT supposed to be taking picutres of them. So I think the phtographer is using his cell and faking a call and hits the shutter to take the pic. Instead of hold the camera still to get a clean shot.

  • Daniel

    Looks like the screen is all scratched up… hopefully thats the protective cover with the camera working against it.

  • Larry

    Everyone needs to read this and start realizing the troubled path Android is on. This needs to be addressed. The OHA and Google need to stop changes being made to the core OS through custom roms and set minimum hardware requirements for each firmware version so as to limit fragmentation. More steps would be necessary but this would be a start. I don’t want this to turn into the iPhone but it will turn into Windows if this goes on.

  • DL

    The screen doesn’t look as big as the Droid’s. Why would they shrink it? Did it get dropped in cold water?

  • Jeff J

    Early versions of phones are always actually blurry…like sasquatch….just so that leaked photos have less credibility.

  • Carig

    It looks like it will be considerably smaller than the cliq with about the same size screen, and it doesn’t look as low-end as the calgary so overall i’d say it looks nice.

    Is it still likely that the keyboard will flip backwards?
    It looks like that could be the case and it would explain why they made the keyboard so smooth since it would be the back of the device when closed

  • barry99705


    It’s easier to hide the photochop errors with a “blurry” photo…

  • ari-free

    looks like the Droid Jr

  • brett

    Looks like two touch screens? is that a possibility?

  • jason


    No way around it… The windows/linux PC model isn’t pretty, but it works pretty well. Can’t have it both ways. Varying versions of software and old hardware are a fact of life… Developers need to provide meaningful feedback where possible and get used to it.

  • Cybersedan


    I’m not surprised at all by that article, even the so-called subtle differences in ROMs and hardware will continue to cause developers problems with their APPS.

    I see feedback in the market all the time for apps that work perfectly on one phone, but on others, they are buggy. And as more phones / custom ROMs are introduced it won’t get any better. OHA and Google need to solve this problem quickly or they will drive developers away from the Android marketplace, especially the smaller ones.

  • Dean

    What carrier?

  • john

    thats one badass keyboard! also the control keys look like the cliq

  • asqwerth

    Looks like a flip-open booklet.

  • John

    Leaked specs make this seem like a super disappointment. I’m two minutes from switching to sprint and getting the hero. Swear to android.

  • JAG

    I Wanna see Sholes Tablet

  • BearsSuperfan

    Based on Motorola’s ethics I’ll probably get something from Samsung or LG.

  • rigamrts

    thats just a mockup of what they would like it to look like if you look closly you’ll see it’s two seperate pieces cause physically that phone could not open that wide the way it sits now nothing is actually holding the 2 halves together except maybe crazy glue it a concept not a real phone. you see alot of the pics rolling around but when the real deal shows up it look nothing like the finished product. for example the htc dream had like 3 different mockups made for the concept of the device but really went with a basic plain jane looking version for production.

  • lina bryse

    he Motus has quad-band GSM connectivity and – weird enough – it looks like it also supports the 850/900/1700/1900/2100 MHz WCDMA bands, which means that both AT&T and T-Mobile could launch it.