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As reported last week here on Phandroid we had gotten word of another Android Powered device set to launch on Verizon’s network. We were able to bring you some basic pictures and specs then, now we can not only give you some much better pictures but some actual hands-on videos.

Video from Phone Scoop

As you can see, the device is THICK and it has A LOT of buttons on the sides, but outside of that I am intrigued by this device. Why? Because the keyboard looks absolutely fantastic, the screen is right on par with the Moto Droid (which is very nice) and has other features that really excite me…

For those of you too lazy to watch the video – or simply cant at work – let me break down the two coolest features discussed in the video:

#1 – Video Calling. Now, I am holding my breath here a bit until I get to actually see it on the device, but the Saygus representative was VERY confident in the product and that has me excited.

#2 – You can use the Saygus Vphone V1 as a wireless access point/router. The actual specifics aren’t broken down yet but the actual capability is fantastic.

The final point made in the video is a potential price plan – $400 retail and $150 with a contract. When compared to other Android Devices the $150 price point is very competitive.

In conclusion, I can say confidently that the VPhone has me excited – I wont brand it a total game changer yet, but it has the features to help propel it to the top of its class as no other device currently being offered teams the 480 X 800 Display with what appears to be the best in class keyboard, wireless access/router ability and finally video calling. You may have to sacrifice some “Sexiness” but you may get more bang for your buck.

[Phone ScoopTalk Android]

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  1. The phone’s form factor is just garbage, though.

  2. @A Man
    “Garbage” may be a bit tough, but I will admit, sexiness isnt going to be what sells this device. The “form factor” matters, but it isn’t THAT high on my list. I want to see a big, responsive screen, a great keyboard and then the processor speed and RAM to make sure the device moves quickly. Now add the wireless access point ability and the video calling – as a geek – I now have my ears open and I am interested. Now…lets see it in real life.

  3. I shall call it the BeBox phone. Pure geeky fun for everyone.
    oh I heard it also has a USB host port.

  4. This thing will take phone sex to a whole new level. lol

  5. I’m actually REALLY excited about this phone. When the Droid came out, I was like, “YES!!!” but then I tried it out in a Verizon store and the keyboard SUCKS. There is absolutely no point in putting the keys that close together. Here is what I think the “better” version of the Droid will be. I think this and the X10 are going to be early next year’s hottest android phones (especially when the V1 upgrades to 2.0). I’ve been waiting for an Android device with a great camera, the latest technology, and a great keyboard (can’t live without it), and here it finally is. FINALLY.

  6. @ari-free and @jella
    I have to agree. Again, this device may not scream sexiness with its form factor, but at the end of the day I can handle the fact that it is a bit chunky and a bit thick because it “DOES” everything I want it to do…plus more.

  7. @Dave,

    so should the V1 really be at the forefront of the “Does” campaign? :p

  8. Too big. Video calling sounds nice, but how often will it get used? When everyone enables it we’ll be in business (PS: I’m sure Verizon will charge $2.99/month to make video calls). Being the blood suckers that they are. Same with the MiFi/router capability.

    All in all the features sound good. But I’m not ready to put my money on a company I’ve never heard of just yet. The biggest appeal of the Droid for me was Android, keyboard, processor and slimness. I’ll take a not-so-great keyboard to retain thinness over a brick that reminds of the old Sprint PPC-6700 or Dell Axim any day. Like the keyboard or not, it’s still way better than an on-screen keyboard in my opinion.

    But it’s all about what works for you as an individual.

  9. I may go for this if it comes to Canada. I like the keybord. Any word on stats, how does it compare?

  10. @jella
    There are a few things I need to see done live before I would rate this above the Droid – however – if this phone is as slick as I think it may be then TECHNICALLY speaking this phone beats the specs of the Droid while presenting more options and at a lower price point.

  11. Awesome keyboard plus Router plus Usb host equals a potentially amazing geek phone. This device will not attract the huge sales mainstream audience, but i think could definitely find a good home in the influential tech savvy crowd.

  12. They should have put icons on each of the home screens.. the video makes it seem like it’s not working right as he slides from screen to screen.. most people would think what I first thought, that it’s buggy for not sliding easily, when it fact it was changing screens you just can’t tell.

  13. Ugly phone, ugly Sense-clone :/

  14. Another point to note.. The story says “set to launch on Verizon’s network”, but the video says it will basicly be launched “for” the Verizon network (outside of Verizon sales channel). I imagine it should also work for Sprint.

  15. “Saygus said that because the VPhone is an ODI (Open Development Initiative) device, it won’t be beholden to some of the restrictions placed on Verizon’s regular handsets and it will support applications such as VoIP via the 3G network.”

  16. I can see a lot of business interest in something that can do video conferencing on the go.

  17. video calling will never be as cool or useful in real life as it is in our imaginations IMO, besides this only works if you’re talking to someone else with the same phone
    this phone does seem pretty solid though, albeit chunky, the keyboard does look nice
    unfortunately i decided around the time i got my current phone that i will never get a phone w/o a 3.5mm headphone jack again, so sorry saygus but it’s not gonna happen

  18. the vphone coppied HTC’s Sense UI design. how low

  19. “I can see a lot of business interest in something that can do video conferencing on the go.”

    Why? Why why why why? This seems like 180degrees the wrong direction, especially for a mobile device.

    I mean, I already find myself avoiding voice calls in favor of texting/gchatting (on the droid, yay!)/and email. Why would I want to be stuck staring at someone’s face, especially in poor conditions, to chat with them? What does that give me? I mean, I don’t even bother or like videochatting on my computer, which has a great camera and the best conditions. Business meetings that spend lots of time and money to set up video links generally seem to… waste a lot of time and money on something that adds very little value to the meeting (unless you are broadcasting slides/examples, which I’m sure lo-fi Vchats would be horrible for anyhow)

    The whole point of being mobile and having a mobile device that keeps me connected everywhere, is that I can just go and see someone, in person, if I want.

    The only point I really see for vchatting is to show someone something OTHER than your face, live: not for actual face-to-face chatting. But you can already basically do that by recording and sending video.

    So this really seems like solving a problem no one has in the first place… all to get a feature that seems like an extra hassle rather than an advantage.

  20. The second video sucks without sound! The main thing reason I have Droid envy is because of the high resolution compared to my G1, so if this thing does have 480 X 800, it could be my next phone. But with so many phones coming out, I’m trying to be patient so I’ll have a bigger selection to choose from

  21. Damn you phone producers, bring back the real qwerty style keyboard staggered a la the G1!! As soon as I see another real qwerty on an android phone I’ll take it.

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