Sony Ericsson Infinity (Rachael) Announcement November 3rd

Well this is odd. A few days ago we heard the X3 would be renamed X10 and I totally clowned on the name:

Personally I think it is silly to skip so far ahead for the purpose of marketing… you might as well call it the Xperia Infinity. And come to think of it… “Infinity” isn’t a half bad name. Until of course the “Infinity plus one” and “Infinity times infinity” phones come out.

Fast forward to today and I just got tipped a link to a page on Sony Ericsson’s site that seems to suggest that, well… Sony Ericsson’s first Android Phone (Rachael/X3/X10) will actually be called Infinity!


Did they actually take Phandroid’s advice or is this all part of some mean revenge plot to make Rob Jackson look like the idiot he is? Take a look at the source code of the page and you can CLEARLY see that the word “infinity” and “rachael” sprinkled throughout the HTML:


They’re also tracking clicks to the Sony Ericsson site through this Rachael/Infinity “What’s Next” splash page as you can clearly see by the link:

In case you didn’t know, November 3rd isn’t very far away at ALL and the X3/X10/Rachael/Infinity is one of the hottest rumored phones out there right now. So big BIG news is just around the corner. It’s so big you can’t fathom. Bigger than Infinity times Infinity big.

[Thanks Jbox!]

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  • Neil

    This looks like a Hoobastank symbol, but a little off. I can’t wait to see this phone in my hands. I am getting it for sure. You can count on it!

  • Pieter

    good call rob. cant wait for the “infinity times infinity” to come out. thats gonna be a beast

  • Taylor

    Looks similar to the Fujitsu logo.

  • CrPercodani

    Crapola, now I actually have something to want instead of the Droid, and so soon? Ok if this thing will come to the US and in a decent amount of time I’m all for it, especially if HTC makes it like they did the Xperia X1.

  • Kyanro

    @CRPercodani, the Xperia X1 is made by sony (you probably knew that, just correcting)

    Anyway… im excited for Novemeber 3. hopefully something good will come for my birthday!

  • chuksy

    @ Kyanro

    Sony ericsson designed the X1, but it was built by HTC

  • Shavz

    @Kyanro Actually the Xperia 1 was MANUFACTURED by HTC NOT Sony.Hopefully sumn good for my bday too :)

  • trent

    nice phone, wonder if it will make it to the US market

  • lordhong

    wow… droid is not out yet, and now this? CRAZY time!

  • Michael

    Im so phucking hot for this phone right now…

  • ccongdon

    Oct 28, Nov 3, Nov 4….

    All sorts of dates of interest coming up!

  • davis

    gotta be tmobile no?

  • darryl

    and when we have the “limit as android approaches infinity” phone, android will really begin to live up to it’s for-geeks reputation!

  • son

    this phone is gonna be sick :
    – 4.1 inch screen
    – 8.1mp with the signature smile-shutter, image stabilizer, touch-focus, and LED flash (wish for xenon tho)
    – HD screen for video-play back
    – snapdragon
    – 32gb internal memory

    i’m tempted to get this phone but i wanna see what android 2.0 has in store, otherwise, i’ll get that winmo-powered HTC HD2. i have HTC hero, but i gotta admit, i still have an annoying nagging feeling for the fact that android still can’t do blue-tooth file transfer, mms doesnt really work, internet tethering, heck i couldnt even set up my yahoo mail until i changed my yahoo account region to “south east asia”. my previous non-smart phones and a very mid-range winmo handset could do all the above plus set settings pretty automatically (gprs & mms settings) without me having to key in anything proxy, etc…. on and go… android is a great OS with the app market hosting thousands of apps already, but like we always say, it always depends on the user, and for me i need the above more than what android may have to offer…

  • Kyanro

    GOTCHA. what about this one?

  • kidphat

    @darrly, more like the “limit at which iPhone approaches infinite awesome, iPhone = Android”.

  • JStar

    @son Android is getting full OBEX support which means bluetooth to bluetooth transfer

  • Kevin O_o

    t mobile please? :D

  • iddqd

    I’m pretty sure i read somewhere the Xperia 2 would not be made by HTC. They switched it to another Taiwanese company to save money…not sure if that also applies to Rachael.

  • iddqd

    Yeah…foxconn built the X2. Anyone know if they’re building this one too?

  • Safi

    I’m flipping out for November 3rd RIGHT NOW!

  • janis

    @son. Hm. I have a G1 with CM 4.2.1, and I have tethering, MMS, and OBEX support is next on Cyanogen’s list. I haven’t had any trouble setting up any email, either, though I don’t have a yahoo account, my hotmail worked like a charm (better than setting it up on WinMo, as a matter of fact).

    I too have been a WinMo user. I just want apps that sync without the cloud, like Ilium Ewallet. So far I’m enjoying the app price sweet spot of $1 vs. $15, the fact that the OS itself is open source, and part of the whole idea behind Linux is that it can work the hardware. WinMo still has trouble with that, and I think it will continue to have trouble with it, or run into some serious memory space issues (and get even more expensive).

    Wait a bit before switching back. The Android is still a baby. WinMo is a grown up (the most grown up of the phone OS’s), and still trips on itself. Head over to for a fresh ROM, or maybe even just a helping hand, to get what you need. If it’s not there now, it will be soon, before your next contract is up, anyway.

  • Hans

    Please come to Verizon! D:

  • dariusz

    the 3rd… and nothing yet. haha. damn, I`m so much looking forward to it. But with that pace that they`re releasing phones with right now, I guess it`s soon gonna be outdated or what?!?!?! I hope not.

  • Vaektor

    Just checked out the SE site and looks like they’re going with X10a for name. All I can do now is drool as I wait for this awesome phone to come out :P~

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