Samsung Moment $149 Pre-Order

Are you dying to get your hands on the Samsung Moment on Sprint? You can now pre-order the phone through Wirefly (our partners) and it’s only $159 for existing customers and $149 for new contracts. A steal considering Sprint is selling it for $179.99:


Sprint themselves haven’t even started selling this so if you REALLY want to make sure your unit is reserved… this could be your chance. If you remember, I had a chance to preview the Samsung Moment and I absolutely loved the keyboard.

UPDATE: Interesting to note the “With Google Blue”. Someone wondered if “Google Blue” was the color of the phone or if “With Google Blue” meant some special software named “Blue” by Google was at work here. I just think its a “With Google” phone and it has a Blue tint. But… if you were wondering…

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  • sea

    What about current Sprint customers that are out of contract, where’s our cheap Moment?

  • sea

    Never mind, it’s also there and at least two of them are already accounted for. :)

  • Colin

    WTF is Google Blue?

  • sea


    …$149 new or existing.

  • tome

    149.00 for new & existing.
    free shipping with new contract, 9.99 with existing.

  • michael

    But wirefly’s $31 activation fee brings the cost to $1 more than you would pay at sprint.

  • tom

    Will this phone be getting the Sense UI upgrade or be capable of having it. The biggest advantage of the HTC HERO is the camera (without flash) and the Sense UI which is freakin awesome. But the processor for the Moment sounds BEEFY! And I’ve had really good luck with Samsung Phones… Pretty much can’t go wrong with either Sprint Android Device.

  • Decalex

    What if I don’t qualify for a contract extension? (I upgraded in March this year).. anyone see a price for that?

  • Rob

    This device is made by Samsung n not HTC. HTC own Sense. You might be able to get an Htc Sense Rom. The samsung phone will be plain ‘ol droid UI.

  • tom

    That would make “Sense”. I guess i fell asleep on my brain. Funny how that happens. I’ve been allowing my “HERO” to do all my thinking for me. Thanks for the help though.

  • jason


    …just watch for the ‘google experience logo’. so far, if you see that…it means vanilla android. that said, hacking sense onto other devices is pretty common. i’ve heard of it running on the g1, galaxy, and mytouch…and that just about covers it for non-sense (hah) devices currently available.

  • Steve

    No thanks, I just dont like ANYTHING made by Samsung , got burned by the Instinct and various other products, Never AGAIN !!!! More than happy wioth my Pre and HTC Hero for Sprint

  • sea

    My activation came up at $17 per line and $20 for overnight shipping on both phones.

  • decalex

    @sea did you qualify for an upgrade? do you know how much it is if I just upgraded in March of this year?

  • sea

    Yes, I was up for an upgrade. I’ve been out of contract for about 6 months now.

  • Decalex

    hm – any idea how to buy this if I don’t qualify for an upgrade?

  • Tai yur Shu

    AWW I want one for Verizon…verizon gets some ugly phones..cept for the omnia..

  • ThinkOpenly

    Considering T-Mobile advertises phones like “T-Mobile G1™ with Google™ – Black”, “with Google Blue” is probably just “with Google” (color: Blue).