HTC Magic Getting HTC Sense

It wasn’t until the HTC Hero, the company’s 3rd Android Phone, that they launched their custom Android build called HTC Sense. That goes without saying the HTC Dream/G1 and HTC Magic/MyTouch were stock, plain old vanilla Android (which I tend to enjoy by itself). But if you’ve got one of HTC’s first two Androids and crave HTC sense.. you may be in luck.

Some HTC Magic owners in Korea were just given the HTC Sense update and you can currently see it is available for download on the HTC Taiwan website. This isn’t a definite sign it will help elsewhere or everywhere but its definitely looking better. And if you have stock Android but don’t WANT to upgrade I’m not sure what boat you’re in.


Patience is a virtue, so have some common sense and hopefully in not too long we’ll have a little HTC Sense in common.

[Via Leakdroid]

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  • shivers316

    Sweet…Can’t wait for someone to root this badboy.

  • iddqd

    glad to see Taiwan is in the loop. Damn, this makes my decisions harder. Moto….HTC….MOTO….HTC. Just cant decide. Pretty nice position to be in.

  • Trond T

    I saw this a while back in a press release on the HTC Dutch website. Looks like it will be available to most Magic users in November:

    Making Sense to Magic
    HTC Magic users can soon experience HTC Sense on their Magic when a free upgrade is made available in November 2009. With the upgrade to HTC Sense, users will enjoy a more holistic mobile experience made available by HTC. Be sure to sign up as a HTC e-Club member to stay informed of the availability of the upgrade and be the one of the first to experience the new Sense.

    Full press release:

  • Zlatan

    For 32A or 32B? Will both be getting them?

  • Elysium

    Apparently, only 32A will get them. Just the phones WITHOUT “with Google”.

    Europe will follow in November as several users in the XDA-Forums stated.

  • Zlatan

    @ Elysium
    Thank you. But damn it :( There are a lot of 32B Magic’s here in Europe so for us it’s useless.

  • Elysium

    Yeah.. the Problem is, the 32B has less RAM, and HTC can’t provide Sense on “with Google” Phones due to licensing reasons.

    Buuut… you may install an inofficial ROM from XDA-Developers to get the Sense UI as well, that’ll certainly be possible ;)

  • Zlatan

    Hopefully they can make one that’s fast enough on a 32B.

  • blahblahblah

    Korea? What? FWIW, the ROM is only working on the TW versions, other 32A users DON’T APPLY THIS UPDATE yet.

  • Nedjo

    I’m a lucky owner of 32A (BTW on my network they all are unlocked ;) )

    can wait mail from HTC (since I’ve signed on e-Club) with info that I can get SenseUI for my 32A Black beauty :)

    My only question is: is it Donut based??

  • Monkeydroid

    Would this work for a Google ION? I think the ION is a 32A but I’m not totally sure.

  • i_machine

    I also have a 32A Magic, but it’s Belgian, so I don’t know this update is suitable for my phone.

  • G

    I have the Rogers HTC Magic I have Googled it and I do not know where to find out what type it is. It does not have the “With Google” in it so it may work?
    Does anyone know where I could find out what type of Magic I have?

  • Darron

    I have the same rogers htc magic. The Rogers version is 32A with 288mb of RAM. But the thing is, i don’t know if this update will work on the Rogers one because its from Taiwan.

  • Elysium

    It doesn’t, do NOT update your Phones with this one.

    Wait for the official release for your country.

  • G

    @Darron Thanks i looked all over and i couldn’t find where the board number was. Good to know what I have thanks :) Maby there will be a new release that will work on ours.

  • magicnz

    hi, can anybody answer Nedjo’s question?
    I too would like to know “is it Donut based?”

  • Max

    HTC announced that HTC Sense will be released on Magic in Nov.

  • jay

    I called rogers and HTC and HTC said it is up to the cellular provider to make it available. So if you are with rogers I wouldn’t hold your breath. CAnada in general is very slow at adopting new technology.

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