Samsung Galaxy Lite Passes FCC… Again

Back in August the Samsung Galaxy Lite Passed the FCC. That had FCC ID A3LGTI5700. Today we’re seeing the Samsung Galaxy Lite pass the FCC yet again but this time with FCC ID A3LGTI5700L. So what does that little “L” on the end tacked on mean?


Good question. We’re working on trying to figure that out. We know that both models are GSM devices and have seemingly similar/exact specs. Most likely there is support for different bands that would constitute an American vs. European release so lets hope this is headed every which way. Of course “L” could designate Latin America which would leave us un-Latin-Americans unhappy.

We’ll update the article when we confirm the dealio. In the meantime, feel free to have at it in the comments as I know you’re a bright bunch and enjoy the following video from

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  • cypherphone

    it is for (L)atin america

  • Pieter

    producto coreano. could very well be L for latin america.
    or L for Lycaon Pictus
    or L for ladybug
    or L for Letterman

  • dannydarko

    im just spitballing here but maybe the one w/out the l is the spica and the l is the actual lite check that out .It,s a possibility

  • dannydarko

    just another thought it could just be what cypherphone said the L is for Latin America like the label states

  • TMCraver

    I’m sure its for Latin America because of the téléphono celular and Producto

  • Jim R

    I’m thinking that “PRODUCTO” and “MODELO” are clues here. Just saying.

  • brasi

    Couldn’t “L” just mean Lite? :)

  • Felipe

    the omnia i900 follows the same pattern:
    there is the i900 with european 3g frequencies
    and there is the i900l that works with quadband 3g frequencies and is aimed at the latin american market