Twenty Minutes with the HTC Tattoo

While the HTC Tattoo is currently available at Vodafone UK amongst other places, we haven’t personally seen many in depth reviews of the device and seeing how its American availability is nunca, we haven’t gotten our own hands on the device. Fortunately, the Android bloggers at have come to the rescue and although they’re 1st language is Italian, they’ve composed a 20 minute review of the HTC Tattoo for our viewing pleasure.

HTC Sense and Android Software on the Tattoo:

Web Browsing and Overall Impressions:

Does that answer your questions? Oh, when will the Tattoo be available in your area you ask? I’m not sure if it will, but there is an onslaught of Androids headed to EVERY area so don’t you worry little bugger, something you’ll like is headed your way.

And excuse us… it was 19 minutes… our bad.

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  • Raccontoid

    had my HTC Tattoo for about a week now, really loving it so far. Can’t belive some people are saying the screen isn’t sensitive i barely have to touch mine.
    Only problem is a lot of apps haven’t been updated for QVGA yet but thats not going to be a problem for long

  • LaptuaZ

    20 Mins sounds better anyways…

  • Dave

    Good grief…is it too much to ask for anyone that does these “walkthrough” and “unboxing” videos to actually spend a few seconds showing the dialing interface of a PHONE!!! Yeah, I already know about all the cool stuff Android can do…but how about the phone functions? That’s part of the reason I’m about to give up on Android and switch to a Blackberry 9700…I still need a device that functions reliably as a PHONE first. I’m tired of missing calls because of delayed ring sounds, system hangups, and screen lockups…gimme an Android device that does that, and I’m sold. But apparently none exist.

  • Dennis

    I don’t think delayed ring has anything to do with it being Android.. I have had the same thing with other phones such as the Razr. Some carriers connect faster than others to themselves or other carriers..That would be a nice study for someone (not me) to do.. For example dialing from other carriers and landlines to different carriers and within the carrier. I would be interested in the results.

  • Dennis

    In thinking about my theoretical study.. besides timing the time from dial to ring, it would be nice to time what I’ll call “the damn lie”.. that is the time from when the person calling hears that the phone is “ringing” and when the receivers phone is actually ringing.. Don’t know about you, but I would much rather a long silence while it’s connecting, and then ringing when it is actually doing so.. I would also wonder whether or not this was the carrier dialing doing this, or the receiving carrier.. such a study would probably come up with answers.