Sony Ericsson Xperia X10: X3 Renamed?

x3-live-pictureYou know the Sony Ericsson Xperia X3 that has been so fondly admired from afar? Name change. According to (translated to English) a forum member with access to the phone and inside information from a Sony Ericsson employee says the phone will actually be called the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 when it is launched the first 8 weeks in 2010.

Yesterday we saw the first live picture of the phone and Ericsson tipped us off on a November announcement so it won’t be long before we know if this X10 name is legit or not. Personally I think it is silly to skip so far ahead for the purpose of marketing… you might as well call it the Xperia Infinity. And come to think of it… “Infinity” isn’t a half bad name. Until of course the “Infinity plus one” and “Infinity times infinity” phones come out.

With a 4-inch screen and 1GHz Snapdragon processor the X3/X10 definitely subscribes to the bigger and badder way of doing things.

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  • Andy

    Looks slick!

  • andy

    Check out Georg Cantor’s work on infinity theory – easy starting point:

    So, maybe we’ll see Xperia Aleph-one, Xperia Aleph-two, Xperia Beth-one, etc. :-)

  • DCT

    So has it been confirmed that this device is all touch? Was really hoping to see a keyboard included :(

  • Waka

    Who wants a fat, expensive keyboard on a lovely touch-screen like that? Not me! ;-p

  • jerry

    X10 is a bad name unless you like cheesy websites, pop-up ads, spycams, and home automation.

  • jones

    I really want this with a real keyboard too.

  • Aerimus

    Maybe the X10 is for the year 2010, in that case it would make sense, wouldn’t it?

  • Brian

    It must not be OLED. Why the heck wouldn’t they!? 4 inches of screen size goodness and unnecessary battery guzzling to go with it.

  • Peter

    Anyone one if this will come out in the states? Or am I going to have to import it.

  • vincent

    +1 jones
    @ waka
    i would love to see a version of X3 with keyboard, so that i can choose.
    Seems like moto droid will be released after x3 in europe :(
    And yeah Rob ! the website entry displays well under firefox. Keep up the good work man.

  • San Satio

    That sounds logical, the first two phones of the serie are called X1 and X2 and the third is called…X10! Still this seems to be a great phone, I really think this is the way to go for Sony Ericsson. These are the kind of phones that determine the future of mobile telephony. If it can beat the Iphone and HTC Hero then Sony ericsson would be back on the track.

  • Crim

    LoL i posted this on Twitter

  • torello

    would this have any chance of coming to verizon or sprint?

  • Kunal

    I hope SE does not overprise this one

  • jerry cole

    got to this first :D

  • lina bryce

    They should have included if the phone was HD-ready or not anyway, with a Big 4 incher screen like that? you gotta love watching full-length movies on the go.

    detailed preview + official vid from Head of Xperia X10:

  • Weiman

    Hello, time to update your rumor page…