Samsung Galaxy Lite (Spica) Video (And Soundtrack)

First things first: I have no clue what song this video features but I don’t want to know so don’t tell me. Far more important is the subject of the video itself – the Samsung Galaxy Lite i5700, also called Spica. The folks at blog did/got a video review of the device and felt compelled to torture us with horrible music if we so chose to watch/listen. Hint: mute your audio.

They show off the black version which sharply contrasts the alien green we’ve seen recently. It might only be a “test” version but the very limiting 100MB of internal memory is disappointing. The phone itself seems quite alright, just not able to stand its ground against the superior smartphones that Android has on the way. But of course everything comes with a price.

Actually nevermind. Time to ruin your life. That song was “Let My People Go” by The Winans from 1985. Since you loved that song so much please watch this rare, live footage of the gospel group getting down:

Now we’re even.

PS: I used Shazam to find the song :)


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  • Matt

    Shazam rocks.

  • Christina Gonzalez

    I love shazam it is amazing, this video not so much

  • AGx-07_162

    The guy holding the Spica (terrible name btw) either has giant hands or that thing is just too damn small.

  • ASD

    Yes, the phone is small and it’s pretty damn good.

    I hate bricks like my N95…