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On a scale from 1 to Jealous, I’m an eleven. We already knew the Boy Genius had his hands on the Motorola Droid… now he has posted a Droid Picture Gallery and Hands-On impressions of the phone. With slick hardware, Android 2.0 and a frame thats only SLIGHTLY thicker than the iphone 3GS despite having a Full QWERTY keyboard, there is no doubt that people are going to go absolutely bananas for this thing.




BGR also called it metal, sturdy, nice (but not final) keyboard, positively amazing, the fastest Android Phone ever made thus far and the best phone since the introduction of the iPhone. Apparently Google had a big hand in the making of the Motorola Droid, pretty much determining FOR Motorola what to do at every turn and choice. Heck… I’m not gonna complain.

If you weren’t already drooling over the Droid… I’m pretty sure you’ve begun. And keep your tongue in you bot, seriously, that’s just bad manners. For more pictures hit the via.

BTW the 5MP camera with flash is icing on the cake for me. SO glad the cam has a flash. Really helps complete the package and prevents the “but if it only had XYZ it would be so much better”. Ditto on the 3.5mm headset jack. Ding ding ding we have a winner and its name is Droid.

[Via BoyGeniusReport]

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  1. Verizon here I come. Man this phone is the shit. Now I regret leaving Motorola, I could have beta tested this phone.

  2. This may be somewhat off-topic but I am a Linux sysadmin with webserver experience. I’m not applying for a job or anything (I have enough) but if you are looking for some free assistance with the image loading issues you have my email.

  3. now i definitely know what my next phone will be, hopefully they release a GSM version and find it for a good price on ebay.
    but makes me wonder, since there’s a flashlight, is the SDK going to be updated to enable us to deal with it or what ?

    offtopic: Phandroid pictures are loading just fine for me at work while back at my house they don’t, what might be causing this issue ?

  4. That I won’t be able to purchase this phone to use on ATT makes me want to CRY!

    Not really, cry, but, very sad…

  5. Pure sex.

    I’m not waiting til February to get this phone. No way in hell. But I wonder how much it will be with an agreement?

  6. Wow… This really makes me want to switch to Verizon, but unless this phone can roam onto AT&T/T-Mobile’s networks then I won’t have any signal at work =/. At least with T-Mobile I can go outside for signal.

  7. Can’t see pictures Rob!

  8. So it’s a full “Google Experience” phone? That means no motorola UI customization… right?

  9. man fuck a motorola every motorola i have ever had or knew somebody with one has always been shitty. but this may be the turn around for them. the 5 mp camera is defintly impressive but id rather take my blackberry anyday.

  10. *sigh*

    Earlier pictures showed it with a 4 row keyboard that had a dedicated number row. This one shows it having a typical 4 row keyboard where you have to hit a function/symbol/alt button to get numbers.

    I’ve just lost interest in this phone.

  11. If this phone is coming with Android 2.0 in november, does that mean we might get an 2.0 OTA update in november? I’m very curious about that…

  12. @johnkzin

    It’s not the final keyboard

  13. @johnkzin
    I agree with you

    Yes not the “final” keyboard, but it does seem like the direction they want to go with this.

    Very disappointed by this potential keylayout.

  14. (Stamping feet in petulant display of anger)
    I see no pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. one thing i am hoping for is the X3 and droid to start taking the focus away from the Acer A1 as this is the one I wanna get. Going to have to buy a android sim free and at the moment HTC are just asking too much for these phones. Acer can use their might to under cut them and grab a whole boatload of sales

  16. daniel.

    the first UMA android wins the prize.

    if all this slick hardware would just work in my office and in my living room!

    then, i wouldn’t have to carry around 2 phones.

    just give me an android katalyst or a droid with UMA.

  17. i am excited for the phone, but man is it ugly. keyboard looks cheap. actually the whole thing kind looks cheap. the specs are what makes it and i guess thats whats most important.

  18. Why does the phones display look so washed out? Is the back-light settings set to real low to conserve Battery? Also anyone know how the battery life is?

  19. So for someone (like me) who is not a Verizon customer, is absolutely going to get this phone… a few questions:
    – If it’s announced formally on 11/6 or thereabouts, what’s peoples’ best guess as to when a regular joe like me could actually have one in their hands?
    – I imagine it will be in short supply. Is there anything that a guy like me, who is not currently a Verizon customer, can do to be one of the first, rather than one of the last, to actually get one?

    I’m wondering whether it’s worth going into the local Verizon store before 11/6 talking to some floor sales schmuck, even filling out the phone number transfer paperwork if they’d take it… just get it queued up. Do those guys work on commission? I’m just wondering whether having an application in hand and being all ready to go will help at all to get me in the queue early. Thoughts?

  20. @RBullard: I think you may be in a better position as a non-Verizon customer because they are willing to jump through more hoops to pull a custoemr away from the competition.

    @EveryonElse: Though I love Verizon’s coverage, especially in my area, I fear that Verizon will somehow cripple this device, as they have a habit of doing. Any info or speculation on that?

    speaking of crippling, I love my iPhone, but am SO ready for this next step.

  21. @RBullard
    It looks like it will be officially announced 10/30 and released for sale on 11/6. All this is speculation of course. In my experience with VZW it is better to order phones online. If you can pre-order on the 30th you will probably have it in your hands no later then the 6th. I usually receive phones within 3 days. In my experience most stores will be sold out on new phones on release day and it will be about a week until they get more in.
    Also if you order it online you get the rebate instantly. If you buy it in the store you have to wait to have it mailed to you.
    That said if you want to transfer a phone number you have to go into the store.

  22. remember last week when i was ranting about this phone… i’ve changed my mind after seeing this and reading the description… all i can say is sexy… i just hope they have a white version… but if not grey will do…. ahhhhh sexy

  23. Phone. Now. Nothing more need be said.

  24. I’m currently with Verizon and am not eligible for an upgrade. I’m hoping they let me just sign a new 2-year contract so I can get the good price.

  25. Ok…since no one’s actually ASKING ….how much ?!?

  26. I have not heard a confirmation on an accelerometer for the phone. Does anyone know if it is definitely going to come with one? Also if it does, will we be able to use the on screen keyboard in landscape mode instead of using the physical keyboard?

  27. @Daniel – Don’t let that be a deterrent for you, it has wifi, and is android, meaning Google voice over wi-fi support. Surely your work has a wi-fi network…

    Currently rocking a vx6800 and cannot wait for this. MONEY IN THE BANK!

  28. My plan was to switch from Verizon to AT&T during the 1st half of 2010 when my Verizon contract expire and the next-gen iPhone came out. Well… Verizon may finally have a phone that will keep me on their network… can’t wait to see this thing for real.

  29. This phone is really on the very edge of convincing me to take it up the tail-pipe from Big Red to the tune of >25% over any other carrier’s monthy charge. I don’t understand how many people have hemorraged that kind of money for the crap phones they’ve had.

  30. I’m very glad this keyboard isn’t final. While it probably wouldn’t deter me from getting it, I really hope the keys aren’t all flat and that the d-pad gets moved to the left side (just for the gamer in me). I guess we’ll find out in 10 days.

    On a side note, is anyone else planning on trying to get this without a data plan? The only times I don’t have WiFi are when I’m driving, and if I’m doing that I probably shouldn’t be checking my email anyway…

  31. @Aaron

    You should get the data plan. Had a treo once w/o the data plan, and the treo would still connect to the data network at random w/o my input, and I got charged $$$$$.

  32. Anyone know what that rectangle on the right hand side of the keyboard is?

  33. i can understand why this phone is so awesome. i mean look at all its features, and the 5mp camera is just fantastic, but am I the only person here who really does not like the design of the phone? i have seen what the layout of the screen and what the menus look like and to be completely hones, its hideous. The exterior design of the phone and menu design are just so unappealing that it makes me rethink heavily about getting the phone when it comes out; it looks like something made in 1997. the menus are gray and everything is a real chore, bore and pain to look at. i’d rather downgrade to a normal phone. And this is coming from someone who has been on the verizon network for 11 years and has a $75 towards any phone i would want and my upgrade happens to be December 4, but i think i’ll pass on the Droid.

  34. Looks great. I’m definately going to look at this phone when it hits, to replace my ailing BlackBerry Storm. The only dealbreaker on this phone will be the slide out keyboard- I’d love the phone if it was 100% touch with no slide out qwerty keyboard. My experience with phones that have the slide out keyboard is that they get very loose and sloppy after being slid in and out “x” number of times. It would be awesome if the Droid came in 2 models- 1 with the physical qwerty keyboard and 1 without. Time will tell.

  35. @danis Im with you bro. Specs are awesome but its hideous to look at. It looks vintage or like an old PDA from the early 90s. Unfortunately from a mass adoption standpoint, I think this phone will sell well to techies but not to the mass public that don’t care or even want to care about what operating sys is running their phone. Unfortunately most folks buy on the cool factor. This thing is all brains and no beauty.

  36. This KB looks kinda cramped…………

  37. Does the droid have full web interface or is it the mobile simple version? text based only?

  38. I’ve been with Verizon since they were US West Cellular… 15+ years, and I’ve been counting the days until my 3 phone family plan contract was up so I could switch to AT&T to get an iPhone. My plan is up on 12/11/09, but now I wonder if this phone will make it worth my while to stay here on Verizon.

    My concerns are that Verizon will charge too much for the phone and service to make it competitive. They have the best coverage and will PROBABLY use that to charge more rather than as a competitive edge to attract customers.

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