Acer Liquid A1 Spotted In Red

The Acer Liquid A1 has really been making the rounds lately! The naming thing still isn’t worked out but I’m thinking that “Acer Liquid” is the equivalent of HTC Sense, MOTO BLUR, etc… while “Acer A1” is still the name of the actual phone. Similar confusion occurred at the HTC Hero launch despite HTC making things VERY clear so without Acer making any clarifications, I’m left guessing.

What I’m NOT guessing is what colors the Acer A1 will be available in – Black, White and Red – they said so in their press release. But we haven’t SEEN this thing in red yet… until now of course and thanks to Pocket-Lint (more pics over there):

This thing is kind of cute in red, but I’m not about to go all Chris De Burgh and start ripping a Liquid in Red rendition.

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  • Josh

    Soooo many broken images lately…

  • Jaime

    No kidding, starting to wonder if the blog isn’t broken since the recovery from the server downtime.

  • Brad

    Please fix the broken pic links on this site! Thank you!

  • Matt

    Seems pointless to make a post about some pictures when the server isn’t actually displaying them. Please concentrate on solving the issues first!

  • Ivan

    Again, broken pictures.

    Are you reading the comments?

  • Rob Jackson

    i AM reading the comments… we know about the broken images issue. Basically there are 3 dedicated servers right now: 1 web, 1 ad server, 1 sql server. BUT… the web stuff is the bulk of the load and is being split on 2 servers until our upgraded server comes in (hopefully today).

    So basically images (which are saved in web directories) don’t get synced to both servers. You will/won’t see pictures based on which server you’re accessing – which is random. The system is set to rsync every 5 minutes so if you come back in 10 minutes, clear the cache and reload the page… you SHOULD (theoretically) see all the images.

    The new server should be coming today/tonight and the problem will/should be fixed then. If not… we’ll get it done.

  • jonathan

    Well we appreciate your work.

    I like it a lot in red, I hated it in the other colors. Is this GSM or CDMA? DO we even know yet?

  • lordhong

    damn… THIS THING IS RAD!!!

  • James

    This site needs 3 servers?


    That is amazing.

  • Justin M.

    You really gotta figure out the pictures thing, homey!

  • http://n/a Michael

    Not one to flame, but cant you people complaining just go to the source for the pic’s then back here for the comments? :S

    Acer looks knacky and cheap, black border is horrible and the bump at the back for the camera will get scratched wont it.

  • Ian

    No Michael, we can’t.