Samsung Galaxy Lite Gets Italian Jobbed

The folks at Italian website have gotten their hands on the Samsung Galaxy Lite and done a detailed photo shoot with the device. The phone comes with model number i5700 and given the name may now be Samsung Spica or Samsung Galaxy Spica, along with its spotting in Italian, I’m not too confident this will be hitting the Americas in the immediate future. Afterall, we know the fate of the original Galaxy.

But hey, Americans shouldn’t complain too much as both the Samsung Moment and Samsung Behold 2 are headed stateside soon. In the meantime, hopefully these pics of the Galaxy Lite/Spica hold you over:

Here is the translated version of their commentary:

A preview for the readers of, a large gallaeria Gallery of new Samsung i5700 Spica, formerly known as Galaxy Lite, smartphone with Android operating system, HSDPA, WiFi and Bluetooth, capacitive display a 3 “AMOLED with a resolution of 384 × 240 pixel, 528 MHz processor from Qualcomm MSM7200A, expandable memory via microSD, a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, 1500 mAh battery, accelerometer, GPS and FM Radio.

Do you like the Green? It makes me think more “alien” than “android robot” but its pretty wild either way. I’m assuming it’ll be available in a variety of colors but would you rock the green version?

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  • B

    I’ve been looking at these pictures extensively, comparing them to it’s brother the i7500 Galaxy, also using the shots of both this phone and the Galaxy with an iPhone.

    Screen size looks to be the same, so 3,2″ and not 3″, and the reso is definitely not 384*240(what kind of reso is that anyway?), but probably same as the Galaxy’s 480*320.

  • Matt

    Processor isn’t 528 MHz. It’s 800 MHz.

  • Azralag

    The Galaxy looks much better

  • ASD

    The dark version Spica looks much better.