Samsung Galaxy Promo: Multi-Tasking Extraordinaire

A new “day in the life” video promo has been spotted for the Samsung Galaxy and its rather original. I definitely like the low-tech approach to highlight a high-tech device and its kind of just “fun” in general:

The tipster who sent this in (Thanks Nico!) explained it (or translated it) best:

New viral video promoting the Samsung Galaxy and its multitasking feature . The video shows a day in the life of a man, from the moment he wakes up until the end of the day, whether for work or play. A day to take up on all roles, to do everything at once, or almost: to please his wife, his son, his boss, colleagues, mates … while never forgeting to have fun.

Never forgetting to have fun… only forgetting to launch the phone on a major US carrier. But don’t forget folks… you can now buy it unlocked at NewEgg.

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  • http://none mdizzle

    T Mobile US 3G on that newegg one?

  • tray562

    the fire wheel fireball killed me lol

  • heavyduty

    No multitasking at all was displayed in the video. You should look up that word.

  • vincent

    video doesn’t work
    versatile then ?

  • iddqd

    Thats pretty cool.
    This commercial has been sweeded.

  • sammysunset

    I really enjoyed that :)

    heavyduty >> Showing that he could keep his Street Fighter 2 game (go SNESoid!) going in the background, while being able to shift to phone calls, emails, finding a place to eat, etc. does — indeed — constitute multitasking. I agree that they could have made it more obvious, but then again… we’re geeks. We can figure it out, right? ;)

    I actually kind of expected the faux couple to wink at each other or something at the end. Anyone else get that vibe?

  • vincent

    Video is working/up
    Awesome little video !
    i remember i loved the samsung galaxy italian video featuring the galaxy visiting planets.

  • spence


  • rob

    So the Galaxy is specifically a productivity killer? Nice. Might as well just get an iPhone then.