Samsung Moment For Sprint, Keyboard-Equipped Android


We showed you the ins and outs of Sprint’s very first Android Phone – none other than the Sprint HTC Hero – last week. That gives the carrier a solid and proven Android Phone as their first model… but what about folks who crave a hardware keyboard? For them, Sprint has the Samsung Moment:


Mighty good looking, right? The 4-row QWERTY looks nice and spacious and although its made by Samsung, it fits in nicely next to the HTC Hero. The Moment has a 3.2″ AMOLED screen, 3.2 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, GPS and a 800MHz processor… WHOA! That’s the biggest processor on an Android Phone yet!

The Samsung Moment will cost $179.99 with a two-year contract on Sprint and will start selling on November 1st. Oh, were you looking for the full press release? No problemo:

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. & DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sprint (NYSE: S) and Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), the number one mobile phone provider in the United States1, today announced the upcoming availability of Samsung Moment™, Samsung’s first U.S. handset integrating the open and innovative Android™ platform with the high-speed connectivity of America’s most dependable 3G network2 (EVDO Rev. A.) and the best value in wireless with the Any Mobile, AnytimeSM calling feature.

Samsung Moment represents a new generation of portable Internet access devices and provides access to built-in Google™ mobile services, including Google Search™, Google Maps™, Gmail™ and YouTube™, as well as thousands of applications available in Android Market™. Samsung Moment also offers the first Sprint 3.2-inch AMOLED touch-screen, creating crisper colors and wider viewing angles than other display screens. Samsung Moment is powered by an 800 MHz processor, making this device one of the fastest wireless phones available today.

Beginning Nov. 1, customers can purchase Samsung Moment through all Sprint channels including Web (www.sprint.com), Telesales (1-800-SPRINT1) and our national retail partners. Retail pricing will be $179.99 (excluding taxes) after a $50 instant savings and a $100 mail-in-rebate with a two-year service agreement. Pre-registration for this phone begins today at www.sprint.com/moment.

“Sprint is thrilled to add the powerful and sophisticated Samsung Moment to our growing portfolio of Android devices,” said Kevin Packingham, senior vice president of product development for Sprint. “This is the second Android product that will be available from Sprint this holiday season. With a full QWERTY keyboard, Samsung Moment allows customers to easily access the thousands of applications available in the Android Market. The excitement around Android products confirms Sprint’s decision several years ago to be a charter member of the Open Handset Alliance and lead the Open revolution.”

“The launch of Samsung Moment is an exciting realization of our commitment to providing consumers open, powerful and versatile devices,” said Omar Khan, senior vice president of strategy and product management for Samsung Mobile. “With the combination of the Android platform, applications, Web browser and a powerful 800 MHz processor, the user experience options are unlimited.”

Leveraging a library of applications

As charter members of the Open Handset Alliance™, Sprint and Samsung are closely aligned with the Android community. Through Android Market, Samsung Moment users can download thousands of applications, widgets and games on their phone. Pandora®, ShopSavvyTM, TwitterTM, ShazamTM, amazon.com®, USA Today®, Flixster®, PacManTM, CraigslistCheckerTM, and MySpaceTM Mobile are among the countless well-liked applications already available on Android Market. Additionally, customers can access Sprint Navigation and Sprint exclusive applications NFL Mobile Live and NASCAR Sprint Cup MobileSM already preinstalled on the device. Samsung Moment is a perfect solution for anyone who wants the freedom to stay connected on-the-go and enjoy a PC-like experience.

In addition, Sprint recently launched new tools on its developer Web site designed to make it easy for developers to create innovative applications for the Sprint Android-powered devices – http://developer.sprint.com/android. The enhancements will give developers access to Sprint products and services, including location-based services, messaging and geofencing through the Sprint Developer Sandbox. Developers using the site and tools will easily be able to create and test applications for the Android platform on the Sprint network.

Application developers will have a chance to learn more about Android at Sprint’s ninth annual developer conference this fall. The Sprint Open Developer Conference, Oct. 26-28 in Santa Clara, Calif., is open to all attendees and will feature information through speaker sessions and coding camps on developing applications for a range of platforms, including Android. For details, go to http://developer.sprint.com/devcon2009.

“The Samsung Moment and the Android platform are helping Sprint drive openness and innovation,” said Andy Rubin, vice president of mobile platforms at Google. “With the Samsung Moment’s built-in suite of Google mobile services, along with thousands of applications on Android Market, Sprint customers can enjoy a unique mobile experience.”

Samsung Moment offers simple device navigation through an optical joystick located just below the expansive display. It features Wi-Fi capability, integrated GPS navigation and accelerometer. Additional features include:

* 3.2-megapixel camera with flash and camcorder with auto-focus
* Stereo Bluetooth® 2.0 wireless technology
* Expandable memory up to 32GB
* Sprint TV® with live and on-demand programming
* NFL Mobile Live and NASCAR Sprint Cup MobileSM
* Easy access to social networking sites, including Facebook®, Flickr® and TwitterTM
* Media player with 3.5-millimeter headphone jack
* Visual voice mail for quick and easy access to specific voice mail messages
* Access to personal and corporate email through Active Sync

Customers who purchase the new Samsung Moment can also take advantage of Sprint’s newly announced Any Mobile, Anytime feature, which gives customers on the Sprint network unlimited calling to ANY wireless customer in the United States on any carrier anytime by selecting Sprint’s EverythingSM Data plans. This device requires activation on a pricing plan offering unlimited data, which includes the Everything Data and Simply Everything Plans.

The Simply Everything plan provides nationwide unlimited calling, unlimited text and unlimited data, including email, social networking, Web browsing, GPS navigation, Sprint TV, streaming music, NFL Mobile Live and NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile, for only $99.99 per month. That’s a savings of $1,200 over two years vs. a comparable AT&T iPhone® plan3. Sprint Everything Data plans with unlimited messaging and data start at just $69.99 for 450 minutes with unlimited night and weekend calling starting at 7 p.m. (All price plans exclude surcharges and taxes.)

Both Everything Data and Simply Everything plans are available to existing customers without extending the service agreement. New lines of service require a two-year service agreement.

The Sprint 3G Network is faster in more places than AT&T’s 3G network4, and Sprint has more than 20 times the coverage of T-Mobile’s current 3G network5, based on square miles. Since 2006, Sprint has invested almost $17 billion in capital to continue improving and expanding network performance.

Sprint is also the first national carrier to test, launch and market 4G technology. Separate from its 3G investment, Sprint has announced plans to extend its 4G leadership by launching the next-generation service in numerous markets in 2009, including the recently launched markets of Atlanta, Las Vegas and Portland, Ore.

Sprint is the only wireless carrier to offer Ready Now service with trained retail associates to work one-on-one with customers to personalize their Samsung Moment, set up features and demonstrate how it works before the customer leaves the store. Customers have the choice of sitting down with a Sprint retail associate at the time of purchase or they can schedule an appointment for a later time at www.sprint.com/storelocator.

[Via Sprint]

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  1. Very promising device. I’d like a slightly larger screen, but being AMOLED kinda makes up for that. And I assume the internal storage is the “standard” 512MB, which needs to be resolved. Other than that, Very promising device.

  2. ROM and RAM

  3. Is that the same phone we’ve been calling the Instinct Q for the last two months? Looks identical.

  4. Oh man, now I have to make a decision between the hero in less than a week or wait 3 more weeks for this beast. I’ve been waiting so long, I don’t know if I can handle 3 more weeks. Any idea what size battery it will have? Also Rob for some reason the website box above is all out of whack on my computer (both chrome and firefox). It’s inside the comment box and covering the first line of my comment. Thought you might like to know

  5. I saw on another site that this will not even get 1.6 Donut until next year for some reason. That dampens my excitement a little.

  6. Been waiting a long time for a samsung droid, and this one with a qwerty is even better than the galaxy. The debate between dropping T-Mobile for sprint begins now.

  7. Compass? Needed for augmented reality and navigation apps.

  8. I believe that is the Instinct Q…… Still waiting for a good qwerty android on T-Mobile

  9. Now do I buy the Hero I have pre-ordered on Sunday or wait 3 weeks for a physical keyboard and a ~270mhz faster cpu?

  10. I must admit, that I was kind of dissapointed seing, that Samsung did not include some UI customisation… Though not having a kayboard and having slow old processor, HTC hero remains the king of Android at the moment…

  11. if u get the hero and dont like it this will be out within the 30day period. win win..

  12. @People who are wondering about the hero vs this:

    Those who WANT sense UI; get the hero.

    Anyone else, get this.

  13. 512MB/256MB ROM/RAM

    Sprint Hero looks already outdated comparing to this 800MHz Samsung ARM11 chip!

  14. I was already unsure if I should wait out the Hero release and see what the Sholes was going to be offered with (Verizon! release your plan and software info!). If I for some reason hold out to see if the Sholes is a better purchase, I’ll already be waiting till the end of this month…may have to consider the Samsung by that point.

  15. I’ve been lurking on Phandroid for a couple months now after hearing about the Hero coming out on Sprint, which I’m stuck with, and I think it’s finally time to comment. From the experts out there, does anybody know of a side-by-side comparison of the Hero and the InstinctQ? I’ve been waiting for a droid Sprint phone for ages now and I don’t want to get stuck with a Hero that might be out of date in a month. On the other hand, I don’t know anything about the InstinctQ and don’t want a phone that’s DOA. The Hero seems solid, despite being underpowered. What’s the word on the InstinctQ?

  16. I agree that there is a certain degree of agonizing that goes on with regard to buying the Sprint Hero on Sunday. I did prepurchase at BestBuy but I know I’m not obligated to follow thorough. It’s the faster processor that gives the biggest pause. I like the idea of a hardware keyboard though. I knew someone would do this to me! I’ll probably get the Hero anyway just because it’s only a few days away. Then I can put it to use in organizing my college life :) Though with the Samsung Moment, using my birthday as an excuse seems like a plausible way of getting someone else to pay for a new phone in November if I decide I’m not that crazy about the Hero! Anyone know what BestBuy’s return policy is on cell phones?

  17. Just want to add, it’s VERY cool to see android coming to almost all carriers by almost all handset manifacturers. Looks like Google’s plans are on track. I, for one, am very glad hardware keyboards aren’t left behind because of the iPhone craze.

    The only thing left is for someone to release an android with really good hardware (Moto/sony ericsson?) and in a few years everyone will have a computer in their pocket. Right now it seems like most companies are afraid to release an expensive phone because they think people with money will want the iPhone, so they churn out low-end smartphones to grab people who would normally be interested in dumbphones but who are willing to get a smartphone if the prices is low enough.
    It makes sense, but a lot of people are looking for stuff that can’t be found on the iPhone. The hardware keyboard and multitasking are just 2 examples. They must capitalize on these differences when putting out high-end phones!

  18. @canDman 30 day worry free exchange. read my post above yours. The Moment falls within the 30days..

  19. @John
    The Moment is the InstinctQ.

  20. Shucks. Now I’m torn between Samsung’s Moment and Motorola’s Sholes/Tao/Droid. The Motorola STD has a much larger screen (3.7″ and 854×480 res, vs the Moment’s 3.2″ 480×320 res), but the Moment has a faster processor and is on a cheaper network…


  21. well on android and me they did a little digging and found someone who has a good idea about the phone and it looks like it won’t becoming to the UK

    I hope that has restored a bit of parity with you lots who are not on GMT


    now off to play with the dext tomorrow…

  22. Has anybody actually done benchmarking on smartphones? On computers it’s crazy to just look at the Mhz number and base the speed on that. Especially when you start looking at 3d rendering. I can’t imagine it would actually be that hard since you could probably just create an App that runs through a series of tests like the PC ones have done.

    I’ve heard that the Motorola STD has multiple processors and that the processor it has is faster than the Mhz would suggest. But I’m curious how that compares to an 800 Mhz processor or the 1 Ghz ones we’re starting to see…

  23. Is the Samsung Moment 4G capable?

  24. @ lordhong: Well… Android with original homescreen sucks badly when compared to Sense UI. If only HTC anounced HTC dragon… anyway, faster processor is fine, but sense UI is need…

  25. Hi guys, not much of techie, but I am interested in the HTC Hero since it has a lot of customizable options and better phone interface than the iPhone.

    My question is this, does the processor really make that much of a difference on these phones? Every review I have seen seems to indicate that speeds are not that bad and lag time is minimal. The only site that was critical was BGR and even readers mentioned that BGR may have received an old version. I am pretty interested in HTC Hero, but not sure what to make of the debate. Thanks…

  26. I’m with you Phillip. We need some real benchmarks on these mobile CPU’s.

    Moment vs. STD vs. Dragon

  27. I think Motorola Sholes processor is by far faster than Samsung Moment one.

    Motorola Sholes have an OMAP Cortex A8 Processor running at 600Mhz and Samsung Moment have a 800 Mhz ARM11 processor.

    The OMAP Cortex A8 have a main processor that run a 600 Mhz, but it have too an graphic co-processor (GPU) PowerVR SGX running at 430 Mhz. I think that is better than Samsumg Moment Processor.

    I only have dudes if Qualcoomm Snapdragon 1Ghz is better than OMAP Cortex A8.

    Sorry for my english (i´m spanish)and corrections are welcome.

  28. With a 800MHZ i was wondering the battery drain on a beast like that. Personally i will go for the Htc Hero just cus We all know it is a more solid hardware and software and the Moment as of right now for me is under the microscope. But i am dying to know more…..um please.

  29. HTC hero`s performance is better after the major update, which HTC delivered(not OTA but with the update client on PC) a while ago. In addition to that, Heros CPU is underclocked, as is magics and G1s, so rooting and overclocking can make a diference.
    I don`t see much space here for those strong CPU`s. They`re certainly be underclocked as well to increase the battery lifetime.

  30. Sorry for sounding a little dumb, but is overclocking and under clocking good?

    Bottom line is, is the Hero a solid alternative to other popular smart phones?

    Does anyone recommend the MyTouch 3G or T-MO?

    Thanks again,

  31. The Hero is a very solid smartphone. If you don’t know about under/over-clocking, then probably you don’t mind one way or another; you’re just gonna use the device the way you receive it and it will work nicely. Even the iPhone is underclocked, as are many other smartphones for battery life concerns.

    (Underclock: to set the clock speed (MHz) lower than what the processor is designed to handle, improves battery life, lowers heat. Overclock: to set the clock speed higher than the processor is designed to handle, lowers battery life, increases the chances of overheating and decreases overall processor life time.)

  32. @ the_real_newman ….Sweeeeeeeet!!!! Thanks for the info!

  33. Man why can’t they give us the RAM/ROM specs now.. darn! I get my Hero on friday (BEST BUY REWARDS ZONE PERK)… and I am debating whether to hold back or not.. I mean I can buy it and then RETURN it before 30 days.. but to go through all that hassle.. Urgh! Darn Samsung!

  34. BTW How can we load on the Sense UI? which website do we go through.. because if the RAM/ROM is bigger than the Hero, I will definitely switch and just download.. but I dont know where to go can someone advise..

  35. Terence, read the posts my man i think someone posted the rom/ram towards the top…512/256 maybe?

  36. This is nice but unfortunately I will likely be waiting for HTC to drop something as powerful as this. HTC is where a lot of the Root developers devote their time. I’m only a themer but I like being able to mod freely. I dont know of Samsung, Moto or any others will be rooted(etc) in order for me to do that.

  37. @Ibeddiev: I just found out somewhere, that Hero is dynamicaly clocked to get the best performance, when needed and the best baterry lifetime when you don`t push the phone much.

  38. @ furret
    please post your link !
    @ jeff
    the moto STD has a faster processor capable of around 1200mips, even if clocked lower than the samsung moment’s which produces probably around 800 mips. Cortex a8 may also boast new and more performing graphics/image processors.
    @ phillip duggan
    check out the links above…

  39. Does the instinctQ have a compass? I’m interested in AR and that’s make or break for me.

  40. Since their video shows an included navigation app, wouldn’t that imply that it does have a compass?

  41. D,
    No, navigation is dependent on GPS, not a magnetic compass.

  42. No that only implies it has GPS. Though the program may take advantage of the compass APIs as well.

  43. @KBlack
    – thanks for the info. That definitely makes sense. I know my iPhone 1st gen was pretty laggy, but it was decent. These phones offer more, so not too concerned.

    – another compelling point

    Tough call… Hero or Moment. hmmm… we just need some side by side specs.

  44. AMOLED! Wow! So now I can buy a phone on a 2 year contract who’s screen life is 18-24 months! Sweet!!

  45. Had the moment for about 4 days now and love it! Verison smart phone users want it and have hear it compaired to the iphone with speed and apps!! Between htc hero and moment .. moment is much faster and smoother. I am smitten by this phone!

  46. The Moment’s 800MHz ARM11 processor *is not faster* than the 600MHz Cortex A8 chips found in the Hero, Pre, Droid, etc. This is like comparing a 3GHz Pentium 4 to a 1.8GHz Core 2 Duo. Clock speed doesn’t mean anything. Clock for clock, as I recall, the A8s are about 40% faster than the ARM11 cores.

  47. I’ve determined that I was wrong in the case of the Hero. The Hero is using a Qualcomm MSM7525, not the OMAP3430 I thought it was using, so drop the Hero from the list I quoted. Which means the Droid is the only faster *Android* phone in the list, and it wasn’t out when this article was written, so, the article was indeed correct at the time of publishing.

    But, as the market gets flooded with choices, this issue is only going to get more complicated. To make sure you’re truly getting a faster device, don’t get stuck on clock speed, look at the core!

  48. I don’t know if is the phone or the sprint company but please can anybody help me… my samsung moment cut the videos of youtube everytime I set it in high quality. Why??? Is that soppoused to hapen? It has got me to get so mad.

  49. Can you make this Samsung Moment into a wi-fi hot spot? It would nice instead of traveling to the nearset hot spot like Starbucks etc…

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