Motorola Droid/Sholes/Tao out on October 30th?

We would call this a rumor but seeing as BGR has gotten itself I nice screen cap of the calender, there is little left up to the imagination. Rather, we are left wondering whether “(Target 10/30)” will actually be met.


So there you have it, if you are on Verizon and want an Android handset badly, it looks like you won’t have long to wait. Halloween gift anyone? We’d sure take this over candy.

[Via BGR]

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  • justaddh30

    PLEASE let this be true. Maybe some definitive info at the MOTODEV summit tomorrow

  • Marshal82

    Awesome can’t wait!

  • john

    boondock saints 2, and big V android releasing on same day? that is a good day.

  • Simon Cabron

    If this happens on this date, for $200 or less… nice knowin’ ya, T-mobile.

  • StephenSaurusRex

    Nope! No sir! Too good to be true. If this rumor actually comes true, I will find a crow… & eat it

  • Donovan

    although i was one to point this BGR post, i realized at the top there is a legend, the sholes, which is in red stands for marketing.. which leads me to believe “OCT 30″ might stand as the first commercial date.. reason for that is this post by a developer:

    hence the “commercial on *** **”

  • Brak

    Boondock Saints 2?! no shizz?

  • DonnyIrish


    Seriously?! BoonDock Saints is making a sequel!? That movie is awesome. One of those great brothers’ movies that has to be seen, up there with “A river runs through it” and “Blues Brothers” (am I dating myself?)

    As for the Sholes, my contract is up on 10/31, so depending on how this thing tests in my hands in-store, I’ll do what I can to get some info uploaded.

  • georgy porgy

    I have received info from a very reliable verizon employee that verizon will do what everyone hopes they won’t do and destroy the sholes/tao/droid by removing certain specs on the phone.. i was really looking forward to this phone until she told me to just get the hero.

  • Craig

    Ah, man. Too bad I’m not wtih Verizon. October 30th is my birthday and I could go for a new taste of Android. Oh well, might consider switching to the Cliq…don’t know how much longer I can beat this phone till it drops, lol.

  • *d.*

    Both Verizon & Boondock Saints are severely over-hyped. A GSM version of the Tao is what’s hot in 09.

  • john

    @d- you take that back… not about verizon, they are overpriced, their reps dont know jack, they keep their customers in the dark about upcoming products and when asked why one should stay with them instead of pointing out selling points of their own company/product they start trashtalking everyone else..

    but the saints are amazing.

  • James

    I highly doubt it. Notice how the text is in red, and the legend at the top? Pretty sure it means it’s marketing is targeted for 10/30, not release.

  • Snuffy

    Ive had em all, Iphone 3g, palm pre, numberous Blackberries, I want a Sholes, Tao, Droid… STD…. lol

  • A7MAN

    Yay Tao/Droid!

    *Waves hand* “These are the droids you’re looking for…”

  • Shhon75

    Man T-Mo! I hate to do this. But it’s not you It’s me I want something more than blur, I want 1 ghz., 3.5 screen. I’m leaving you if this comes out late Oct. or early November.

  • tallperson117

    when I buy this I will be driving away from the Verizon Store blasting “We are the Champions” I’ve talked to some reps and they say this phone is the shit, 600mhz processor, multitouch, android 2.0 eclair, oh man. and they say that it looks more like the renders, even better, they say its beautiful :D

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  • Anton S

    I don’t know which handset are coming to Verizon, but they will be announced in the next few weeks:

  • William

    Looking at the schedule, I see the legend at the top indicating red text is marketing, however, looking at the items on the 20th and 23rd (also in red) these list launch dates (20-“Target Launch … 10/20 All Channels”; 23-“10/23 … Direct fulfillment all channels”). Based on this, I think red indicates events to be marketed – the date to be promoted – as opposed to the start of a marketing campaign.

    I have my fingers crossed, at least.

  • Mix

    Notice the Storm 2 date is incorrect. This leads me to believe this may not be a legit screen shot.