2+ Samsung Androids Headed To India This Year

Where are all my Indian Phandroids in the house? I’m sure you all are chomping at the bot waiting for Android Phones to start lighting up your country but you won’t have to wait long thanks to Samsung. The company recently announced their partnership with Tata Docomoto to launch the Samsung Galaxy later this year for Rs 28,990 ($607). But that’s not all.


Listen to how assertive Samsung India Electronics GM of Marketing (Asim Warsi) is when discussing the company’s status with Android:

“This is first of the block. There would be more this year. Android is a very serious operating system on which we will build more phones.”

Notice that word “block” together with “this year”? Yeah… I would normally put a lot of emphasis on this but the words “portfolio” and “suite” didn’t get us very far so I think I’ll keep my mouth shut.

[India Times via Intomobile]

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  • Ryan

    At least India has it coming officially; America hasn’t heard a peep about the Galaxy since it passed through the FCC. Very disappointing. :(

  • http://johnjstevenson@gmail.com john

    Something I just learned not too long ago, india traditionally follows a different calendar which I believe starts its new year around march.ish. So maybe a number of phones within six months? Sounds possible to me.

  • zomgfast

    Can’t wait for one of these to hit the states!

  • http://Toooolate Jp

    Toooo late to India. I already got my HTC HERO.

  • wobbly_ears

    Well, Tata Docomo’s coverage in India isn’t all that great ya know.

    It’s hard to use your phone when you’re not in the cities. Tata docomo is for people who’re extremely cost concious.

    If the Android phones come to big national players like Airtel, BSNL or Vodafone, then we’re talking.

  • Carl C

    I saw an article with the Hero and Galaxy coming to South Africa. Nice to see Android Global :D

  • Tim

    You sure it wasn’t “first off the block”?

  • Raj

    Ok one is obviously galaxy lite,and i dearly hope that they are creating a rival for the beautiful rachael.well mr.ears the main power of the android is internet,and docomo is providing one of the fastest 2.5g connection at the lowest rate 95rs(2 dollars) for a month


    lot of problem with samsung galaxy. bluetooth not compatible with other mobile phone. camera button is sticky, so menu key does not work sometime. they should immediately upgrade Indian verson to andriod 2.0 or 2.1.