ADC 2 Judging Just Started – Download The App!

adc2-iconThe Android Developer Challenge 2 has just begun and you can now download the judging application from Android Market! It is called “Android Developer Challenge 2″ so search for it, download it and start testing and judging applications now! The second round of judging will last at least 2 weeks so you’ve got plenty of time to play with the entry apps.


[Via Android Developers Blog]

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  • Sean Mc.

    I’ve been testing various apps. There’s a few that don’t work on my G1, there are some average ones, and then there are some with a lot of polish. I’m having fun! Great nerdy nerdy fun!

  • Brian

    This is awesome! I’m excited to be able to judge some of these new apps and see where the platform is going.

  • Maj

    i cant skip certain application, im facing an app for “money management” or something that doesnt interest me at all and i dont think rating it would be fair.

  • The Android Site

    Most of the apps I’ve tried so far are just ho hum and not much use to me.

  • cliff

    what’s the deal w/ that square, digital looking image?

  • Jeff

    The ‘square, digital looking image’ is a QR code – if you have a bar code scanner installed on your phone you can ‘take a picture of it’ and it populates a link to the app in the market. QR codes can be used to communicate everything from web addresses to contacts to coupons…