Samsung InstinctQ Passes FCC

Another obligatory hurdle has been hopped for the Samsung InstinctQ, the 4th phone in the Instinct series headed to Sprint.


Ryan wrote in to tell us about the FCC spotting and we couldn’t have explained its implications any better:

The only useful information is in the “HAC Production Key Feature Letter,” in which it describes the phone as having “US-PCS, US-Cellular, GPS” radios, and the key features listed as, “Bluetooth, MP3 Player, SMS/MMS, WIFI, Full Touch, and Exchanger.” I am assuming Exchanger actually means an Exchange mail client… but who knows at this point. They don’t list QWERTY as a key feature, which I find rather disconcerting.

I will say that their request for Short-Term confidentiality for a period of 180 days is pretty disappointing. While it doesn’t directly indicate anything, they wouldn’t need confidentiality if the phone was on the market. They could be playing it safe but I wouldn’t expect an InstinctQ launch in the next month or two. I’ll still hope for one, though.

[Via FCC – Thanks again Ryan!]

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  • De

    I talked with a Sprint rep at a store and he said that the Instict Q as just another name for the Touch HD so according to him, it’s not an Android phone.

  • Rob Jackson

    @De – they are clueless. Samsung makes the “Instinct” phones and HTC makes the “Touch Diamond/Pro/HD” phones so it would be impossible to confuse those two if you had any knowledge of the devices on the lineup. Not sure if he is new or just oblivious but he is giving you misleading information.

  • Jeremy

    Also, per that leaked image of Sprint’s line up for the fall the SamsungQ was to have the same drop date as the Hero (October 11) and it should have android on it. Not a huge leap is needed to assume that the SamsungQ is the InstinctQ, but they should really drop that Instinct name from the device seeing as the original Instinct was DOA.

  • De

    I figured as much… don’t trust the people at the stores anyways

  • Eric

    The phone exists I have had my hands on it, I work for sprint business, thats all I can say.

  • Dan

    Eric, yo, some of us are really curious about the specs! Share something more! Is that picture accurate? Release date? CPU?

  • De

    I am a sprint customer and waiting for Oct 11th to get the Hero… do any of you think this would be a better option?

  • Justin

    Now if only we knew what processor the phone was actually using. Hopefully something faster than the other droid phones on the market and that are slated to be released.

  • Jonathon

    all i want to know is if it is capacitive or resistive…if it is resistive then it is already a fail IMHO