T-Mobile Pulse and the 9 Panel Homescreen [Videos]

The T-Mobile Pulse is now official but most of us haven’t gotten a really good look at what its all about. But look what the robot drug in – a few videos of the T-Mobile Pulse that reveal some interesting things about the phone:

9 Panel Homescreen
The typical “stock” Android phones have three horizontal “panels” which to store your app icons/shortcuts while phone’s with HTC Sense offer 7 horizontal panels and different User Profiles – called Scenes – to organize what you want. It appears the T-Mobile Pulse offers a 3rd variant offering 9 panels arranged in a 3×3 grid. This is an interesting new option and I’m wondering if it was carrier or manufacturer behind this customization:

One thing that worries me a bit is the END of the above video. When flicking through contacts you can see a bit of lag as the contacts continue to scroll WELL after the flick… but clearly too long after. I hope this isn’t a persistent problem.

And some more videos for those that can’t get enough:

[Thanks Sebastian!]

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  • stormrider81

    great phone too bad it most likely wont show up in the U.S.

  • Martin

    Arrgh. I WANT this.
    This is really a step in the direction that I want. I really hope it’s not over the top expensive. If it’s not, this thing is walking in my door immediately.

  • iDavey

    Why is nobody showing the keyboard. Didnt they say it was going to be some special kind of keyboard. I want to see what kind.

  • Maj

    none of the videos show how the keyboard on the 3.5 screen.
    Anyway this looks really nice.

  • Beanz0nToast

    I’m mainly just excited about the larger screen. My only complaint on the current Androids

  • mikeeeee

    is this the one that will have UMA?

  • Felix M

    I guess im the only one who doesnt like it

  • Quentyn K

    I NEED this phone. Wow that thing is beautiful.

  • http://apebox.org Jo Shields

    Am I the only one who counts 6, not 9, home screens?

  • Martin

    Keyboard is in this picture:
    (only widescreen though)

    About the homescreens, it’s a bit weird. It looks like a 3×3 grid at first, but somehow it’s not. But then again it does have a center home screen which seems to be the standard screen. I dunno, I’m confused. It’s still a hot phone.

  • Alvin

    Anyone else realized that the landscape keyboard does not cover the whole screen? I would say it is a nice improvement!

  • yo

    I also saw that there are only 6 screens. The central screen is in the upper middle

  • Maj

    yeah that’s great but im also wondering about the horizontal keyboard, my g1 is pain in the ass when trying to use the software keyboard

  • neeka

    ’m mainly just excited about the larger screen. My only complaint on the current Androids