Samsung Galaxy Lite Picture Emerges With Sparse Details


The first picture of the Samsung Galaxy Lite has emerged and it definitely doesn’t look as “commanding” as the original.

Based on the extremely limited rumored specs supplied we still don’t know the TRUE reason this is the “Lite” version of the Galaxy. Supposedly it has both Wi-Fi and 3G along with a trackball and GPS. I’m guessing that the 5MP camera will get downgraded, the LED Flash might disappear, the screen probably isn’t AMOLED and the memory probably doesn’t even come CLOS to 8GB internally.

We’ll find out in due time… but the folks in France might find out first. Apparently this thing is supposed to launch in October on Bouygues Telecom while those lucky Frenchies are also getting the HTC Click in September on the same carrier. Luckyyyyyyyy!

[Via Frandroid (translated to English)]

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  • Martin

    Well, maybe they’re going at it Nintendo style.

    Nintendo DS – Nintendo DS Lite. Lite was better, if anything. Nothing was missing. It was “lite” because it was smaller, all the while with better hardware (display backlight and stuff).

    I’m really curious about what they did with the Home button though…

  • trent

    no, I’m pretty sure the writer of this story is right. all those things will be missing. how many phones in america do you know of that have 8 gigs of memory installed? I can only think of one. the iphone. since we like to have our phones cheap in this country, I doubt they will be so generous as to give so many features at a discounted price. you have to remember, they give those good for thing stinkapeans the really awesome phones. not us

  • Kabuto

    @Martin: I’ll have to wait for the Samsung Galaxyi, then.

  • j cox

    this is some BS! Why cant we get the cool i7500 like everybody else. damn…i dont mind spending the money on a good phone.

  • Martin

    @Trent: We don’t know anything about price yet, do we? It could be more expensive than the Galaxy for all we know. So it COULD still be better than the Galaxy. There is just no way of knowing.

    @jcox: I don’t know if i’d want a Galaxy. According to forums in countries where the Galaxy is already out (Germany, for example), the Galaxy is a pile of ****. It reboots all the time and stuff like that.