Samsung Behold 2 – Definitely Android


T-Mobile has a been a beacon of light for the Android platform and it doesn’t seem as if they’re letting up. We were already pretty sure the Samsung Behold 2 would be an Android Phone since it was seen in close proximity to the Android name on the User Agent Profile and at the Wi-Fi Alliance. Now the Bluetooth Special Interest Group has chimed in:


Check out the information next to “Design Description”:

The Samsung SGH-T939 is a GSM phone, featuring a 3.2″ AMOLED full touch screen and WiFi connectivity, giving users access to Google Mobile services and full web browsing at blazing speeds.”


Time to add a few things to that Spec Sheet!

[Via Bluetooth.org]

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  1. I went to the T-mobile store last night to get the myTouch for my wife. I asked the associate when the new motorola Android phone will be available. He said he did’nt know anything about a Motorola Android phone but the Samsung Android Phone will be available in December.
    I asked him if it was the Galaxy and he said he did’nt know anything else.

  2. Sweet! is this going to be the Galaxy for the U.S.? or better!?

  3. Josh- associates rarely know anything. Going to them for confirmation is worthless.

  4. It’s starting to look like Samsung is cranking up the Android factory, to try to catch up to HTC (who is definitely on a roll with Android these days) and to try to stay ahead of Motorola.

  5. just keep the UMA transmitter in it pulease!

    i’m carrying 2 phones and i have to until may ’10.

    if the behold has UMA then, i can put my g-1 up for sale on ebay and become a one phone guy again.

  6. No UMA…then it’s a non-starter for me…..please T-mo, Google, Samsung complete the holy trinity..3G, UMA and Android!!

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