HTC Click/Tattoo Lacks Wi-Fi, Landing In France Soon

One way to tell that the HTC Click is an Android Phone meant for the price conscious is that it doesn’t have Wi-FI! It would be the first Android Phone to lack this connectivity. According to the French site Frandroid (translated to English), the Click will be called the Tattoo when it launches on Bouygues Telecom later this month (so soon)!


Thankfully the Click/Tattoo still has 3G connectivity and it comes with a 3MP camera. It will apparently be positioned as the ultra-affordable version of the HTC Magic. Keep in mind this is all hearsay for the time being – let us hope that this thing comes to the states so that we can start to get some super affordable Androids to spread the love.

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  • Samuel Maskell

    I love how it mentions in the article that it has a less powerful camera than the magic. The 0.2 megapixel difference is really going to show, I’m sure.. anyway, the article also says that it will in fact be running donut and that it will have a 3.5mm headphone jack. This is all stuff we already new but it’s just more confirmation. Then again, it seems like they’re just assuming that based on the 6 fingered guy so maybe it’s not much of a confirmation.. oh well

    Now here’s the real question though. Will the release of this handset with donut mean an upgrade for us?

    By the way, if you ever want me to translate something from french to english I’d be happy to do it. My vocabulary is not nearly as big as it should be but I certainly know the grammar and can easily look up the odd word that I don’t know.

  • cr0vax

    “they’re just assuming that based on the 6 fingered guy” ? Where do you read that ? We don’t wrote this.

    The source is an employee of Bouygues Télécom, so that’s pretty sure.