Archos Announcing Android A5S, A5H Tablet September 15th?

On July 2nd we suggested Archos would hold a September 15th event where the company would have an Android related unveiling – we were right. But now we may know exactly what the devices are thanks to FCC documents published without any request for confidentiality.

The upcoming Archos devices are Internet Media Tablets A5S and A5H.

Most of the information in the filing is about the ARCHOS A5S (model 7501) and a few details about the ARCHOS A5H (model 7502) are included as well. Whatever isn’t included in the FCC information… you can probably bet we’ll find out on September 15th so stay tuned!

[Via Engadget]

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  • Will

    I love the idea of what an internet media tablet can do, but unless it has phone functionality, internal gps, and 3g, i am going to stay with smartphones. I wish someone would make a smartphone like the new android phones with a 5 or 6 inch display on it. Also , give it a better processor, a bigger battery and you would have a killer device.

  • Ivan

    I’m waiting for a nice tablet to install on my car. I just home some company releases a decent one soon.

  • Charbax

    Will, this Archos will have a HSDPA option thus probably also built-in GPS as well. And it does have a 3x to 4x better processor than any of the existing Android devices on the market. Since this one comes with an ARM Cortex A8 processor by Texas Instruments, the OMAP3440 with 3D acceleration as well.

  • Paulie

    I’m holding on to my 605 in hopes I can load Android on it one day….

  • Paul

    Hmm A5S? Did they really think about how that looks written down!

  • Kyanro

    if it has gps it will make a killer tablet for vehicles.