Motorola Android Event: September 10th In San Francisco!

Mark it on your calendars folks… on September 10th Motorola is holding an Android related event in San Francisco that could be one of the most epic announcements of 2009:


If you didn’t know, Motorola has FOUR Android Phones churning in the rumor mill:

At least one of these will see the light of day and given recent events, I wouldn’t be surprised if Motorola unveils both the Sholes and Morrison at this event. Regardless of what they unveil its pretty unbelievable that the day of Motorola Android reckoning is in our official crosshairs!!!

A long time ago we knew that Motorola wanted to leverage Android to revive the company’s handset division. They have devoted a TON of resources to their Android efforts and now, in 2 weeks, we’re going to see the fruits of their labor. The whole world will be watching Motorola on September 10th and I think its safe to say that anyone with an interest in mobile should be pretty darn excited about the potential devices and announcements.

Does anyone else feel like a kid before Christmas at the moment?

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  • Colin

    Man, I wish the Sholes would come to Sprint. I’m excited about the InstinctQ, but I’d love to have some options for phones with hardware keyboards and I think the Sholes would be just the ticket…

  • Shane

    I feel like a kid before christmas.
    I really hope they release the Sholes. I really want an android phone, i was thinking about the hero, but a keyboard is kinda a big thing for me. Lets hope and pray that they don’t screw the sholes up. Or i’ll be going hero.

  • jeremy

    I am very happy to see motorola jumping in the game! Especially with 4 handsets. I have a g1 and have been pushing android on everyone I know. I tell them its the future of cel phones. Which is true. The nazis can’t have their apples and eat it too says android.

  • aaron

    where in sf? i wanna go!
    moscone center?

  • Quentyn K.

    Sounds nice. Wish I lived in California as it seems this is here all of these events seem to take place. In any case, I can’t wait to see what Motorola has in store. I need a very good reason to get rid of my G1 =)

  • obeyryan

    ya where abouts in SF. i live in SF i would like to attend. get me in rob!

  • glyco

    yeah, does anyone know where in SF…i’ld go too

  • sonisoe

    android is flooding the smartphone market and doing it in style, and in the end, we’ll never buy an android device as we keep thinking whether we want this one now or wait for the next one from whichever manufacturer be it se, samsung, htc, etc etc..

  • RandyB

    My Blackberry has been on the fritz for a month, and I can replace it with anything I want, on any carrier. I won’t go with T-Mobile, and AT&T (my current carrier) is in bed too deep with Apple. The iPhone is SOOOOO tempting, but I’m holding out for the Sholes. DON’T DISAPPOINT ME! I can hold out with this busted BBerry through maybe October, but I’m going nuts knowing I *could* buy something, but it really needs to last me a couple of years, and I want an Android phone! Bring it!

  • Jeff

    @Colin Um…ever hear of the HTC Hero?

  • Parintachin

    Please don’t let Verizon screw this up…Please don’t let Verizon screw this up…Please don’t let Verizon screw this up…Please don’t let Verizon screw this up…Please don’t let Verizon screw this up…Please don’t let Verizon screw this up…

  • Cheezzer

    Where can I sign up for the September 10th event in San Fransisco?

  • CanDMan

    Oh man, here it comes! Friggin at&t …they already dropped one off the face of the earth …i hope they get with it or i’m gonna bounce! The question is, to what carrier and for what phone? …shout out to the FCC …kill exclusivity! :D

  • Crypto

    @Jeff, All Blackberries have keyboards, so his replacement needs one. Does the Hero have a keyboard?

    @Parintachin, The Scholes using G2 (Eclair) is classed as a “Google Experience” phone and so Verizon should screw it up:

    “The Google Experience: Phones featuring the Google logo with all Google apps installed and includes unrestricted access (neither the carrier nor handset maker can block applications they find objectionable) to the Android market. 5 or 6 of the 20, Android phones mentioned by Rubin will deliver the full Google Experience as god and Sergey designed it.”

  • glyco

    @ Jeff: you do know the Hero has no keyboard, right?

  • Jen

    Hi! I need some help….what is Android?? How is it different from other phones? What is so great about it? What makes it better than an iPhone??

  • Lars
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