CDMA Motorola Morrison Passes FCC, Verizon Bound?

It was less than a month ago that the Motorola Morrison passed through the FCC with credentials assumed to land it on T-Mobile. While the Morrison wasn’t specifically named, a connect-the-dots procedure showed the earlier leaked battery model number for the Morrison lined up directly with the device that passed the FCC… and the battery only fit one phone. That same exact line of reasoning now bares new fruit – the Motorola Morrison has passed through the FCC with CDMA bands.


That would land the Motorola Morrison – which might become the Motorola CLIQ – on either Verizon Wireless or Sprint. Speculation has it coming to Verizon before the year ends but keep in mind this is all just speculation. If it pans out though,Verizon Wireless could have two killer Android phones by the end of the year and go from Android zero to Android hero within months (not THAT Hero).

I’m sure this collision of FCC news and rumor will make a lot of people happy… how about you?

[FCC (PDF) via CellPhoneSignal]

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  • Enzo

    Hope the new Motorola Phones will come to Europe/Germany.

  • JoeHockey

    I’m so looking forward to an android phone on verizon but I don’t want to get my hopes up. Knowing them they will cripple it beyond all usefulness.

  • Kyanro

    If verizon gets an android before AT&T, that will make me… upset.

  • CanDMan

    all i know is i’m buying an android phone by the end of the year. at&t (my current carrier) needs to get with it or i’m gonna bail on them! all these rumors are driving me nuts! we need some action! when does the holiday season kick off in retail minds anyway? i’d like a sweet samsung, but it seems like motorola’s comeback handset might get to me first. :)

  • jeff w

    I am following this closley as my friend is on sprint …I wish tthey would announce something tho….moto doesn’t have the best reputation I would personally be kinda wary of getting a moto smartphone

  • glyco

    what’s amazing is how stupid these handset manufacturer and carriers are. just think, if the samsung i7500 were released this week, it would sell a million units in less than a month. because the options are just so limited. now is the time to act, not for the ‘holiday season’

  • AG

    I’m off of AT&T too if they don’t have an android phone by the end of the year. I’m sick of waiting.

  • Joe

    Uh… the I7500 would no way in hell sell that well. Android isn’t that popular outside tech blogs.