T-Mobile Getting Motorola Morrison October 21st?

October is shaping up to be quite the month for Android if all these rumors prove true. We’ve already got the Hero and Samsung Q coming to Sprint October 11th. Now add a rumor from Droid Developer that the Motorola Morrison will launch on T-Mobile October 21st! The monthly menu is beginning to look pretty extravagant!

The rumor is claimed to be a “trusted source” who has provided supposed screen shot of T-Mobile’s internal inventory system:


Who knows if these rumors will pan out, but since Motorola is promising 2 holiday Android Phones, this would definitely make sense. Bring on the droids!

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  • TareX

    Great. Which means HTC won’t have the G2 be simply a cosmetic overhaul of the G1, as that would make it identical to the Morrison.

  • jae

    Where’s rachel I want that phone dunn know if I pell it right…=~×