Sherpa, Visual Voicemail Land On Android Market

sherpaThe wait is over. Now that some T-Mobile customers are reporting they have received their MyTouch 3G, Google has made the new apps packaged with the phone available on the Android Market. This includes the highly regarded “Sherpa” application and T-Mobile Visual Voicemail – 2 applications that are bound to find room on plenty of home screens.

So head on over to Android Market, MyTouch 3G or not, and download the goods. Make sure you swing back by and let us now how you like them!

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  • Orlando

    I have a G1 and I downloaded Sherpa and visual vm. I think sherpa looks nice just not my style, I like where better. Visual vm is great but g1 owners will need to call customer service and switch to the android data plan in order to activate it. It was simple. Customer service takes you off of the g1 plan and puts you on the android plan. Same price and no contract extending just a plain swap. Enjoy your mytouches and the new apps.

  • EricR

    Everybody’s having trouble using the Visual Voicemail from what I’ve seen. It says the account doesn’t have voicemail activated, then it tries to take you to some site to activate it but it fails and ultimately they tell you to call *611 (which does not work, 611 does) or go on Yet, there is absolutely no mention of setting up any service.

    I’m about to call T-Mobile and let em have it.

  • Ricky

    I’ve had Sherpa for a few days, when it leaked. And I still don’t like it. It’s too slow, and the UI looks glossy but in a nasty sort of way.

    And the Visual Voicemail is the opposite, it looks as if they gave no effort in designing it, but I’m still going to use it. and MyAccount 2.0 looks great.

    World Tour (is that what it’s called?) is also on the Market, since last night. Which I thought was alright, but it needs more locations.

  • Samuel Maskell

    I’m not seeing.. I’m on Rogers. That could be the problem. I don’t know.

  • Lola

    let us “know” not now :)

  • EAC59

    dude do you sleep?

  • kaleb

    Sherpa and Visual Voicemail are amazing :D

    can’t wait for the facebook application

  • Wayne Morrison

    Is there anyway to get a comparison between Sherpa & other apps like Places or T-mobile Visual Voicemail & Youmail or Phonefusion?

  • sammyofwoe

    Sherpa seems alright. Haven’t been able to test it out yet but looks good. I didn’t get the T-Mobile Visual Voicemail because you have to call and set it all up with them, so I’m sticking with the one I already got.

  • Lee

    Hi, I have a HTC Hero in the UK, and I cant find Sherpa on the market or visual voicemail… is this only for the MyTouch 3G?

  • Mike Taylor

    I just did a search for these apps and cannot find them anywhere on the Market Place.

    I this not available in the UK?

  • BL

    Doesn’t look like either is available in the UK..

  • Piers

    Is the visual voicemail available outside the US? I’ve found sherpa, but can’t find the voicemail app anywhere.

  • Philipp

    AGAIN! Not available on the german market. That sux!

  • Jonathan Lozinski

    Not available in the UK App store.. :(

  • Mariano Kamp

    ;-( Not available on the German Android Market.

    T-Mobile #FAIL.

  • SK

    G1 users who have the $24.99 G1 service plan have to give up the 400 free text messages to get the Visual VM. If you want Visual VM, you will have to “upgrade” to the Android Web Unlimited service plan which has no free SMS but costs the same $24.99.

    Sucks ass! Thanks to TMO for ripping off their early supporters of G1 (the G1 service is no longer available).

  • Mark Slavin

    Are these US only? I can’t find either in the UK.

  • gorkon

    Sherpa was a little slow for me at first, but once I cleared some software I have not used in a while it worked fine.

  • gorkon

    Oh and for Visual Voicemail, make sure you undo anything you did to the voice numbers and use T-Mobile’s voice mail instead of Phone Fusion or Google Voice.

  • servo

    visual voicemail is pretty much what I expected from the video had to call tmobile to activate , but happy with it so far.

  • Paul Monroe Jr

    The new Sherpa app is great! I have a G1 and it works great on my phone. The menus are cool, it gives alotta great information, and it’s extremely helpful.

  • Michael B.

    Visual Voicemail is not worth it. In order to be able to use it on the G1 you have to call T-Mobile and change your current plan to the new “Android” unlimited data plan.

    If you purchased your G1 with the UNL with 400 txt/pix messages for $24.99 a month please note – the new $24.99 “Android” plan has unlimited data but no txt messaging added onto it. You have to pay an extra $5 to have 300 txt messages added as a supplement to the new data plan.

    T-Mobile has done away with offering TXT message bundles with the lower tier unlimited plan in order to compete witht the other companies.

    It sucks I can’t use Visual Voicemail because I have to upgrade my plan.

  • IG

    and where is Facebook?

  • Zapote21

    Just a note to VVM users… If you have a G1 with a G1 data plan, you MUST switch to the Android Data Plan in order for VVM to work.

  • TBO

    I don’t really understand T-Mo’s big advertising push about Sherpa when everyone in the world who has a Android phone will be using the same application?

  • bodhidharma

    Yes indeed. Sherpa looks good, but visual voicemail costs more money, and google voice is better. But as aside note I seem to have 3G in richmond va as of last night. Any word on new rollouts?

  • Sean Hodges

    Just searched for Sherpa and T-Mobile Visual Voicemail on the Android market; they both produce no results.

    Perhaps it is only available for the MyTouch 3G phones, or only in the U.S. or something. Very disappointing.

  • otto888

    Its about time.

  • KCW
  • IG

    OK. I will try to stop complaining about not having an official Facebook App yet. ( :

    I tried Sherpa. It is pretty cool.

  • IG

    I just read all the comments. Is this really true: In order to have Visual Voice Mail (for G1 users in the US), you have to switch data plans, and the new data plan does not include text messages unless you pay more money? Is this for real?

    I don’t want to pay anymore… I think I will just stay put with my current data plan.

  • Dave Kaufman – Techlife

    Phone Fusion’s visual voicemail did not require a data plan switch, did not require a call to customer service, did nothing but add a great feature to the phone.

    I highly suggest you look into it.

    Another great thing the developers are super friendly, helpful, and responsive, releasing updates all the time.

    A must have!

  • G

    It looks like it is unavalable for Rogers (Canada)

  • Chris Longenecker

    Does anyone else with a rooted phone have problems with My Account 2.0? I’m running Cyanogen and it’s force closing immediately.

  • happyface

    I downloaded this in Canada, and I get no results :(
    It just stays at “Discovering your surroundings”
    Is this all upkept by users (like urbanspoon) or from Tmobile?

  • tim

    is the vvm app a battery killer like youmail?

  • bummer

    Sherpa is great! Havnt tried vv yet. I’m in US.

  • doom

    chris, you need to format your ext.3 partition, then do a wipe and flash again. it should work fine.

    idk about sherpa but i already have all these features on other applications. youmail works fine as visual voicemail, but no voice to text. gv works well if they call my google voice number. i guess sherpa also has search functionality? i use where, and places. seem to work ok, but could be better i guess.

  • Brett

    Sherpa is pretty cool but similiar to Where as someone said. The switch to visual voicemail was easy and fast. Its not a whole lot of frills but it works well and I’m happy with it

  • Felix M

    Sheeeerrrrrpppppaaaa is way to slow.

  • Jason

    I switched to the android data plan and the operator told me that because I had the 400 included text messages he is able to keep that on the new android plan with no charges. They did this for my phone and my wifes. Not sure if I got lucky with my service rep or what, but it didn’t cost me anything and I kept all of my plan features.

  • Meridyth

    If you keep phone fusion, your account gets charged 1 minute for every voice mail you retrieve. That’s because they have to call Tampa to get your voice mail.

  • Justin2

    After downloading the VVM app, I called to “activate” the service. I wasn’t informed of anything about dropping my 400 SMS. I called back, and chalk one up for TMO customer service being #1 again, the service rep was kind enough to keep me on the Android plan, and give me 400 SMS free. So if you do call to change because you want the VVM, try to talk it out with the rep, and you should be able to keep it with no problem.

    Part 2 of this post explains an issue I already ran into with VVM. When I first installed the app, I noticed that anything I did outside of VVM, the sound would come out the earpiece. Checked settings and the like, but sound would still only come out of the earpiece. Turns out that VVM has a speakerphone setting that overrides all sound playback in or outside the program, even my ringtone would come through the earpiece instead of the external speaker. Called TMO and asked them to get a bug report to the engineers, so this is getting escalated to them. Just wanted anyone else who has the problem now to know the fix. Just open up VVM, hit menu, go to settings, and put a check in the use speaker option. Your sound should work properly again.

  • Felix M

    Can anyone tell me if i have unlimited text will this effect my plan???

    PLZZZ I want to know if shud call them so i can finally use VVM!!!! :D

  • Alex

    I downloaded the VVM App, and logged onto to upgrade data services. All that’s available for me is a 34.99 unlimited android plan that includes unlimited messaging, only problem is I already have unlimited messaging because of our family plan. Should I just give t-mobile a call?

  • Maury

    I called T-mo and they upgraded me to visual voicemail no problem. I still keep everything I had on my old plan and there was no upgrade charge.

    In fact, the T-mo guys spent a considerable amount of time looking at my phone call history to see if there was a plan that could save me a bit of money… Nicest guy and great customer service. (Unlike my previous experience with AT&T.)

    Love T-mo…

  • Denny

    Anyone know when Rogers will get off there ass and release VVM for the Magic??

    And for those of you who do not know. DOwnload the latest beta of Market Enabler and select t-mobile.

    You might need to go into applications – manage apps- market and “clewar cache” first.

  • Tony

    I downloaded VVM the other day.

    When I spoke to the TMO rep she transferred my text plan over with no problem (but then I have only had my G1 for a few months and I may not have been on the original G1 plan).

    I have the sneaking suspicion it’s a battery sucker. My battery life today is way down on what it should have been. In addition I realized that I don’t really get that many voicemails so it’s not worth keeping if it is going to be a battery killer in my case (maybe it’s better on the myTouch which has a better battery?).