Samsung Galaxy Passes FCC!

Lately we’ve voiced our irritation that the Samsung Galaxy isn’t available much of anywhere. Not only that, but we haven’t heard a peep from Samsung about their plans on bringing it to other lands. Finally we’ve got some good news – the Samsung Galaxy just passed the FCC!


There is good news and bad news… which do you want first? Okay:

Good news: it has 3G
Bad news: The “L” at the end of model number “A3LGTI7500L” likely stands for Latin America
Worse News: The American version passed through the FCC in May

Sorry… I forgot about the worse news until… I remembered it. So Latin American folks should rejoice while Americans should try to find some solace in the fact that this thing might one day in the not too distant future arrive on T-Mobile USA. It already passed through the FCC months ago… I mean… Please?

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  • Gabriel A. Zorrilla

    Well well well, an Android heading to Argentina? ;) I always had the feeling that Samsung, being so big and releasing new phones here would, more sooner than later, release the Galaxy. Here we are starving for Android!

  • J. Finn

    I’ve been going crazy trying to find a Samsung Galaxy that I could use with U.S. T-mobile service. Have been serching for months – T-Mobile has released it in Germany & France & it has U.S. FCC approval…why did T-mobile ram the MyTouch G2 down our throats as a replacement for the clunky G1 & continues to tease us with the Galaxy; neither confirming or dening that it MAY come to the US someday!

  • Andy

    According to O2 telephone sales, the Galaxy will be available from the week of August 10th

  • Davee

    Or maybe the “L” stands for “LITE”

  • http://none mdizzle

    hell, i just need a galaxy to show up on ebay. i dont even see it there.

  • Martin

    Why would they require the approval FCC for a product to be sold in Argentina?

  • aws

    hell, i just need a galaxy to show up on ebay. i dont even see it there. [2]

  • twilightwolf90

    Actually, I believe that the “L” stands for “Lite” as you have it in a another article?


  • Audidoo

    My question is, will the Galaxy support T-Mobiles wifi calling features. Hotspot calling on uma? Does anyone know about this?