Philips V808 Gets OPhone Treatment, China Mobile Exclusive

We got our hopes up and now we’re let down – the Philips V808 Android phone that we just heard about has some disappointing news. First of all, the phone will be exclusively available on China Mobile. Secondly, it will have China Mobile’s proprietary Android build called the OPhone which is more iPhone-like and alledgedly utilizes carrier stores instead of the full Android Market.

v808-ophone v808-ophone2

It gets worse… it also lacks 3G and Wi-Fi. Suddenly the V808 seems like a distant dream we remember we had and liked but forget why and pretty soon don’t care. By the way does anyone out here have experience with the OPhone build of Android?

[ via ClonedInChina, EngadgetMobile]

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  • Craig

    A Chinese company ( contacted me saying they wanted my game for the OPhone market place. They said they would translate it for me, and, when available, I would be able to sell it.

  • Craig

    Sorry, just reread the e-mail, they said GPhone marketplace, not OPhone:

  • nobody

    Craig, don’t believe that. Most Chinese customers won’t pay for any softwares they use.

  • Ted

    hmm… those screenshots sure aren’t appealing to the eye… the order of all the stuff on the notification bar just doesn’t fit in they’ll need to work on that more… :/

  • Josh

    It’s just as well. Maybe it’s just me but anything with a philips logo on it just looks cheap. If they do decide to release it here it will probably do ok if they add wifi and 3g and get rid of their nasty logo.