T-Mobile G2 Touch: Buy It Now!

If you’re a T-Mobile UK customer waiting for the G2 Touch (aka HTC Hero) your wait is over: you can now purchase the G2 touch on T-Mobile.co.uk!


The plans available are as follows:


  • £15.00/monthly, 100 minutes, 200 texts, £195.73 for phone
  • £20.00/monthly £166.37 for phone
  • £25.00/monthly £137.01 for phone
  • £30.00/monthly FREE phone
  • £31.50/monthly FREE phone
  • £36.00/monthlyFREE phone

Flext (18 months)

  • £40.00/monthly, £225 credit/month, FREE phone
  • £50.00/monthly, £325 credit/month, FREE phone
  • £60.00/monthly, £425credit/month, FREE phone
  • £75.00/monthly, £575 credit/month, FREE phone
  • £100.00/monthly, £775 credit/month, FREE phone

Rush on over and get a plan with unlimited data so you can download the heck out of the Android Market and enjoy your T-Mobile G2 Touch to the full extent! Oh yeah, and don’t forget to hit up our T-Mobile G2 Touch Forums to talk with other owners, ask questions, learn if its the right phone for you, etc… see you there!

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  • Ben

    You do need to add £5 to any of the Combi deals for Internet I’ve found.

  • http://www.monsterpopshop.com jeff mccune

    dude, i dunno if people have seen this yet but the multitouch IS on the hero, check the vid!

    Embedded video from CNN Video

    he pinches and pulls at 1:05 check it out!

  • Lee

    @jeff …err yeah? who said it wasn’t?

  • A simple admirer

    damn!!! Come on Tmobile USA!!!

  • Kyanro

    at&t please.

  • Lee

    mine arrives before 1pm tomorrow! cannot wait! :D

  • DavidR

    Right carrier, wrong country.

    WTH, I have an international carrier and I STILL can’t get the phones I’m looking for.

  • Tj

    T-mobile customer services are the worst of worst it took 4 phone calls to find out that it was on sale even though it was advertised by t-mobiles twitter!!! By the time i got to someone in the know it was too late the 350 handsets they had were sold out!

    Now i have to wait “very soon” for another batch, knowing t-mobile that will be in 3-4 weeks, very dis-organised and poorly run service.

    Ohh and the 5 day turnaround on the web may not be 100% correct according to staff.

  • kul

    Thats exactly what happened to me, but i’m hoping for a quick re-stock. they sais they were getting a batch today i think, so maybe not there’s not so long to wait *fingers crossed*

  • Jeff

    Yesss! And US T-Mobile customers are still waiting for the myTouch 3G (HTC Magic)!!!


  • Tj

    Well after a few calls looks like i’ll have a brand spanking new touch by tomorrow. who’d have throught a phone could be so much hassle!

  • maddHaitian

    Man the mytouch “drop the ball” 3g is some garbage. For once in mylife I wished that I was in england. We get freakin rehash while the english get a beast of a phone for in some cases free. Tmobile us is fool of shite!!! I effn hate tmobile us for this. I thoguht I was oredering the htc hero(g2) and in my research I’ve discovered I was getting a piece shit ohne called the mytouch “drop the ball” 3g. Tmobile sucks I’m canceling my serive and going to apple. Atleast I know with them every outing they come out with the best to all there customers. Put that in your bowl and bite it tmobile.

  • kul

    I have one!!!!!! Got it today, and its everything i could want in a phone :D
    My brother who has an iphone 3gs is envious hahaha

  • Graham

    just a word of warning, on a combo plan you will also need to pay an extra 5 quid/pm for data.

    I went with a 12 month contract deal from Expansys and my white Hero arrived yesterday – loving it :)

  • jdavies123

    Does the g2 touch have a fingerprint proof screen?