Sony Ericsson Xperia X3 Android With Specs & Pics!

Sony Ericsson hasn’t said anything yet but if the pre-order page on Expansys isn’t an evil gag, it appears the Sony Ericsson Xperia X3 will be the first Sony Ericsson Android Phone!


While admitting its status is “unannounced”, Expansys doesn’t seem to have a problem announcing all of the specs and details of the device. Here are a few worthy of mention:

  • 4-inch touchscreen
  • 800 x 400 pixel display
  • 8MP Camera with LED Flash, Auto Focus, 8X digital zoom
  • Video Recording at VGA resolution (640×480)
  • 3.5mm headset jack
  • MicroSD expandable
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AGPS
  • Quadband GSM/GPRS – 850/900/1800/1900MHz

Holy freaking awesomeness is pretty much all I have to say at the moment. Sony Ericsson has yet to comment on this little “unannounced announcement” and it’ll be interesting to see how long they wait. That is… if this is real. But this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about an Xperia Android or seen pictures. And now that we’ve seen the specs – this looks absolutely delicious.

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  • Dan

    capacitive or resistive touch screen?

  • Me

    I read somewhere that it’s supposed to sport a 1GHz CPU. I’m guessing battery life will be on the order of ~5 minutes…



  • justjimjpc

    This would be an awesum phone…

    I have enjoyed all my SE smartphones … and with Android it would be almost unbeatable…

  • Maj

    4 inch screen ! is that as big as the iphone’s screen ? if yes then this is definitely going to be my next phone

  • Johan

    it’s 0.5″ _bigger_ than the iphone, Maj :)

  • SharpShooter

    @ Maj

    Bigger. The iPhone has a 3.6 inch screen.

  • Martin

    Well yeah, that’s pretty much what was thought they’d be like…

    Though I really hate the camera. Because of that it’s probably gonna be expensive as heck.
    And yup, I’d really like to know how long it’ll last battery-wise.

  • Lior

    Why they have to ruin everything with the stupid AGPS?!?!
    looks amazing besides that.
    now I’m confused again… Hero or this one

  • androidal

    Not 3.5mm headset jack but 3.5mm AV connector:)

  • Phroghollow

    Need to know :
    Processor & Onboard memory.
    Other than that with a 4″ screen i`m willing to look at no physical keyboard.

  • TSellers

    I think I will pass. I am going to assume it will be massively overpriced like SE’s other phones (particularly the Xperia line), and 4 inches is actually too big in my opinion. Standard Android screens so far are 3.2″, which I have grown to like. iPhone is 3.5″ and it really feels too wide in my hand as I hold it. 4″ is going to be like carrying a brick in your pocket (width wise).

  • foo

    The iPhone screen is only 3.5″. 4″ is f-ing huge! Is that too big? Is this phone maybe only for women’s purses? Also with specs like that I bet this phone will be $500 *with* a contract.

  • Gwydion

    I trust more astrological predictions than expansys pre orders

  • Randall

    3G only on 900/2100 Mhz? Why can’t anyone make an Android phone that will work on AT&T’s 3G network?

  • Terran Brown

    I spoke to them by email this morning…. its no hoax it is real. How ever its probably ( at a guess ) Q4 2009 but may ‘slip’ in to Q1 2010…

    “Not sure when the official announcement will be, these things change with alarming frequency.”

    “Thanks for that…. as a rough guess as I assume SE have told you its coming will it be Q4 09 do you think ? Also out of interest as my other half is looking at a new phone do you know if you will be getting the Samsung Galaxy i7500 as O2 are about to launch it in the UK ?”

    “Sony Ericsson XPERIA may slip into Q1 2010. No solid release date yet. I7500 has been confirmed for a SIM free release in August. Mid-End August is likely.”

    Mmmmmm – Going to be tough.


  • wilf

    This is the Android phone I’ve been waiting for.
    A nice big screen with a good resolution(which should mean it’s easy to use the on-screen keyboard),a good camera with flash and from last weeks video, a nicely designed interface. Sweet.

  • G

    All it needs is:
    A trackball
    A big battery
    A alternitive modle with slide keybord (for thoughs who like that)
    A Brain control chip
    And this phone could take over the world! MU’lll ha ha ha!

  • jake

    I dont think people realise just how big this phone will be if the screen turns out to be 4 inches. Its gona be freaking HUGE! Ive seen the HTC Max 4G with its 3.8″ screen, and thats a brick. This phone will just be too big!

  • Jason

    Any word about flash player?

  • Maj

    i guess Adobe will release a flash player for the android by the time this phone gets released. Far as i remember, Adobe will release the player on October, please correct me if i was wrong

  • Rob

    Oh my god, this is just an awesome phone spec and it looks really sweet. Big screen and res which will be great. I wonder if I should cancel my Hero pre-order and hold out for this?

  • vallie

    rob: i suggest yes

  • rune

    shame they are going to ruin it with an UI Mod that looks like they are trying too hard.

  • Bob

    hope they gpl/upstream drivers for their non-ugly MBW-150 line of bluetooth watches. caller-id, vibrate, scroll playlist & contacts, remote control profile, etc. don’t handcuff it to this phone either, just sell the watches to everyone.

  • Craig

    I think it will be more likely to have a WVGA screen (800×480), not 800×400.

  • Clint

    I know nothing about the frequencies that different carriers use, but looking at them specs, does that tell us in any way what carrier the phone will be on?

    Or is there any speculation? I’ve been waiting for an Android phone on AT&T forever.

  • Aita

    I’m all for it…….if it comes to a US carrier. I’m all for paying a little bit for a lot of phone but not the unreal prices of SE’s unlocked Xperia phones. As for whether the screen is too large, i don’t think so. I carry my psp in my pocket just fine and that thing truly is a large brick.(then again I’m like 6’3″ so my pockets might bit a bit bigger than norm lol) I would prefer a hard keyboard, but with a screen that big I may be able to look past it.

  • cam.shaft

    Isit me or jus feel that the picture of this fone ain’t rite.

    1. Look @ the home screen. IIRC, the SE Android Home Screen is much different from what is shown here. This 2me looks like the SE Saito home screen. Which translate to S60 symbian

    2. The Camera is located @ the bottom of the fone?? that wud cause alot of problem as it’d be a finger print nightmare.

    My money is still on the Hero. Though the UI which has been previewed looks ultra cool, just find it over complicated.

    Just my 2cents


  • Aron G

    If you measure on the pics, based on the fact that the screen is 4″, the actual phone will be smaller than both the Iphone and the Hero.

    approx measurements:
    114.4 mm height
    60.2 mm wide
    12.76 mm thick

  • Kyanro

    Is there anything this phone can’t do? the Specs are amazing. a big screen, great processor and the camera is great. I was seriously considering the Hero, but i think i might go for this for my first android phone if it comes to AT&T. The only thing i hope for is a decent battery life.

    At&t uses 850mhz/1900mhz, so if this phone is indeed quad-band, it should work.

    no the camera isn’t at the bottom of the phone.. look at the other pictures posted a few days/weeks back(follow link in original post). Also, I agree that the UI looks over complicated.. i mean i hope the whole thing isn’t like that. I’d get kinda bored of looking at little pictures of everything, but thats nothing a little hacking can’t solve.

  • Kyanro

    edit: ouch, looks like 3G 900/2100, not At&t i dont think. maybe they will make an AT&T version :)

  • cam.shaft


    Yeah..just saw the photo. My bad. Disoriented view =D

    I’m excited bout this fone as i have always been a long fan of SE. Now with my new love for android. New and old…its gonna be fantastic. But then again, like i mentioned earlier on, i’ll still put my money on the Hero.


  • sonisoe

    i guess its soon but not that soon… at least 3 months from now ? i mean with all this spec, be best this baby has android donut in it… but then again, SE is desperate and realy need to shake the market i guess, so this may come out sooner… yes they’ve recently launched the excellent w995- but if that phone is targeting the med-hi end consumers, wont surely be able to compete with the iphone, the pre, or htc hero … and satio are long way to go till year-end…

  • Shane

    this = love.
    But it will never come to the US =(. damn.

  • bp

    how do we know this is really going to run android?

  • Edwin

    I want this to be an Android phone for sure so baddd! We cannot take full advantage of Android on our measly G1’s. Grr. Come on Sony! It’s a free frigging OS.

  • Kevin

    A 4″ phone is great news as I have large hands!!

  • Russell

    To anybody wondering if the processor will affect battery life, there is already a phone out that uses the new Qualcomm Snapdragon processor clocked at 1 GHz. It is the Toshiba TG01, which has already been stated to have better battery life than the iPhone 3GS in reviews. The processor is designed specifically for low-power, mobile use. What would be the point of staying behind and using less efficient processors? Of course, moving forward is the way to go rather than moving backward.

  • Terran Brown

    Expansys have removed it from the web site now…. shame really as it looks like it may be very very later on now. That been said my pre order is still active in the system….


  • Gareth

    I’ve been waiting for over 5 years for SE to produce something better than my P910i and Xperia X3 looks like exactly what I want!
    I have the HTC Magic but it’s all show :(

  • Phillip

    Am I going mad or has there really been 41 posts and no mention that the X2 still isn’t on the market? .. or is this the X2?

  • Vaektor

    Sony really needs to make an announcement… My money is burning a hole in my pocket!! :P If I don’t hear something soon, I’m going to end up buying a HTC Magic. Any word on an official release date for Android 2.0?

  • Superkikim

    Expansys page has been removed…

    Fake ? slapped by SE ? speculations, speculations…

  • Phroghollow

    Umm, has anyone found out how much memory this thing has?

  • Frank

    Why would we talk about the X2, an MS based OS, in an Android forum?!

    Cannot wait for the X3, the bigger the screen the better IMHO.

  • hadooj

    To answer all of the questions regarding why it is difficult to find not just Android based phones, but any of the newer touch phones/pda phones mainly HTC’s product line. There are two issues currently going on, the first being that At&t has been throwing their weight around trying to control which devices will access their network. The prime example of this is how they only allow skype to work only in wifi mode and not over the HSDPA network. They control this by locking down their subsidy script on the phones they support.
    The second reason is that with the Android platform, Google includes Google Voice as a service. AT&T has made it clear they do not want google voice on their core data network (only wifi) and google is fighting this in court. The reality is that AT&T is trying to control their profits by not allowing VOIP on their network which would obviously save the end-users (Us) money having the ability to use programs like google voice and skype. Aside from trying to make an extra buck while they can, the real underlying issue is that because HSDPA is the only truly converged 3G network in the US AT&T will be forced to upgrade their brand new network (via software upgrade to HSDA+) to increase the bandwidth to be able to support the massive amounts of data that will pass over the network.
    The good news is that google and att are resolving their issues as we type and you will see the android platform on the att network both locked and unlocked within the next couple of weeks, the first one was just released yesterday, the HTC Magic. There was also a press release today which stated AT&T has backed down from trying to stop Skype and Google Voice and their voip solutions to run on the ATT network.
    Sorry for the long answer but it’s clearly complicated.
    If you want the short answer, just count the days until LTE is deployed throughout the US and Rest of World…This will truly change how we communicate in every way….enjoy the information

  • ROMY

    I think it could be a better than x10 bcz the price of x10 is to high. whereas motorola droid has low price than x10 and have more features.
    but unfortunately x3 defeat the droid and all others bcz it has 4 inch screen with 8 oh my god 8 mega pixel camera.
    but if anyone wants to buy some orignal phone then that will be NOKIA N8 3.5 inch screen with 12 mega pixel camera and its price is Rs.22000 only.