Acer Android/WinXP Netbook Coming Next Month


aspire-oneIt still seems a little wonky that Acer’s Android Netbook isn’t really an Android Netbook – it boots Windows XP as well. The company is doing this to marginalize the risk of launching a netbook with an OS that is unproven on this type of hardware. Unfortunately, they are passing the costs of that safety net onto consumers:

Since Acer still needs to pay licensing fees for Windows XP on the netbook, the product is unlikely to be priced lower than XP-only models.

That definitely lessens the benefit of utilizing an open and free operating system, doesn’t it? Either way, DigiTimes is reporting that the Acer Android/XP is likely to launch next month:

Acer is expected to launch its previously announced dual-OS netbook, with both Windows XP and Android, in August 2009, while Quanta Computer and Compal Electronics both set to benefit from the orders, according to a Chinese-language Apple Daily report.

ASUS and MSI are also working on Android Netbooks but they aren’t likely to be available in 2009. And considering the birth of Chrome OS, I’m wondering if they might re-prioritize.

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  1. I would think that it should not be more than any other XP netbook Licensing ….

    And getting both is a real plus so we old windows uses get the best of both worlds….

    Looking forward to it … hoping that the price is reasonable without any contract …

  2. Good Job Acer ! I hope Acer does a good job on improving the stock Android UI to better fit on a large screen. Something like the HTC Sense UI will be totally awesome. I wish there was a video somewhere to see it in action.

    I also think they should have run WinXP in VirtualBox inside the Android. I’m afraid people will end-up booting into WinXP most of the time, unless Acer has made Android too tempting to avoid winXP. But anyway good move Acer and hope other brands come up with more of Android Netbooks and don’t buy into Chrome OS hype. Android(java) is orders of magnitude more capable than an Html/JavaScript platform of Chrome OS.

  3. i want Google Chrome OS netbook … google Android is for mobile phones …

  4. @fdasfadsf “google Android is for mobile phones”

    And who decides Android is not for Netbooks ? Android is open source, so you are free to come up with any product running it in whatever way. And if Acer decided to put it on Netbook – there got to be merit in it? So instead of just listening to your overlords at Google, do some thinking and find out why it makes sense to use Android on Netbook instead of Chrome (clue – Java/Apps/JIT compiling). Android can do better all that Chrome does and then some more. The reverse is not true…

  5. I won’t believe this till I hold one in my hand. Android is designed to run an ARM processor while XP is made for an X86. So to run both you would either have to have both chips (expensive), emulate one chip (slow unless the X86 chip is very fast but then you are killing your battery), or recompile Android to run on the X86 (a compatibility nightmare). I can’t see any major company going with any of these solutions because they just won’t be competitive.

  6. Android on x86 is not a compatibility nightmare. In fact, now it’s being served to you on a silver platter by Google itself –

  7. The hell, they will!

    You can get a Windows refund from Acer if you wish. Just got one this week on my Aspire Revo.

  8. Last time I checked, the XP EULA says you can get a refund for the software if you don’t accept the licence.

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