Rogers Wireless Annouces Android App Contest

It looks like even carriers are starting to get in on the Android app frenzy. With a recent drop in prices of both of their Android handsets and a new contest in the works, it looks like Rogers Wireless of Canada may be trying to give its Android handsets a boost in the face of stiff competition from RIM and the iPhone.


The contest, which starts today and continues for the next five weeks, uses Facebook as a format for users to make suggestions for a “truly made-in-Canada app” idea. This marks one of the first examples of serious carrier involvement in the development of a platform like Android sans its own interests at heart (mostly), and its hopefully a trend we will see continue in the future.

Think you’ve got an amazing idea for an Android Market app? We are giving you the chance to join this revolution by submitting your application idea. Each week for 5 weeks the entrant whose submission receives the most votes will win an HTC Dream or HTC Magic (as selected by Rogers) and be a finalist for a chance to win the grand prize.

The grand prize winner will get to see his/her revolutionary Android Market app built and become a reality!

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  • taming

    How about an app that will let us Canadians buy paid apps through the marketplace without rooting our phones. Sheesh.

  • Maj

    so this is for canadian developers only or what ?

  • Quentyn

    Would suck if it’s Canada only, but I can’t be mad, seeing as how a lots of contests are canadian only.

    BTW @ maj the contest is for app ideas, so no development needed

  • Quentyn

    Just checked the rules and regulations. Canadian entries only. Makes sense seeing as it’s Rogers sponsored.

  • DocMac

    looks like Rogers is looking for it’s own revenue stream. Some smart kid will come up with a fantastic idea and then get ripped of by Rogers. Don’t do it kids until you have someone read the small print. Android phones are not doing to well, so Rogers is giving this little phone a boot or it will be dropped by next year.

    Question, why is the iPhone the only real (working) phone in most Rogers stores? It a full working phone, BB and Android phones on show are just dummies. Apple has a better marking Plan. You can sell more product if you let someone try it, right in the store.

  • William Stokes

    Who would pay the crazy Rogers fees/three year contract and $$$ slow data in Canada anyway? Rogers is the last place to encourage Canadian smart phone penetration and it’s use…at least in all of the developed world.

  • G

    How about an app that will let us Canadians buy paid apps through the marketplace without rooting our phones. Sheesh.

    lol good one!

  • bob

    spelled “announces” wrong.

  • Mankhool

    Umm. If they make anyones app a reality shouldn’t there be some financial reward?? Don’t give away your apps!!