China Mobile App Store Sneaks Out

China Mobile isn’t projected to offer an App Store to its nearly 500  million subscribers until September, but the Mobile App Store website ( was found up and running today. Mostly with broken links, sure – but the implications are humongous.


China Mobile is launching their “OPhone” later this year which is slated to be an extremely customized version of Android. While HTC Sense takes Android and gives it a next gen “TouchFlo 3D” feel, OPhone gives Android a very iPhone look – at least that is how the previews appear.

Also on the site is a link for Android Market. Considering China’s censorship of the web via government, I’m wondering what type of implications this will have on the OPhone and Android Market in China. Any way you look at it, offering Android to 500 million people will certainly increase adoption dramatically.

Developers might not be all that happy as local sources are saying China Mobile will take a whopping 50% of all paid applications purchased. We’ll keep our eyes on the China Mobile App Store, OPhone and Android Market for sure.

[Via PCWorld]

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  • henry

    it cannot compare with iphone or android, it’s only occassional happening in china, most of the software developers from china do not have the volunteer motivation and priest alike style to develop the free software for the public. if the operator say pay to them, then, they would develop fast!

  • Anon

    Let’s see, 500 million customers, operator takes 50% of my sales, vs. 0 customers, I get to keep all profit… I’ll take the customers, please.

  • dean collins

    The domain is now for sale.

    What do you think about the current bid?