Archos Android Tablet Launching September 15th?


According to RegisterHardware, Managing Director of Archos Northern Europe – Tony Limrick – has officially confirmed that an Archos Internet Media Tablet Based On Android will launch this September. He made the announcement at an event in London, England where he also suggested attendees keep September 15th open on their calendar. Launch day?


Limrick described the Archos Android Tablet as “Android-based devices with phone, email, Google apps and Android Apps” but beyond that not many new clues were given. Back in February we heard the Archos Android IMT would have:

  • 5-inch display
  • 7.2Mb/s HSDPA
  • 2Mb/s HSUPA
  • 500GB of storage (holy smokes!)
  • Ability to play HD movies
  • Only 10mm thick
  • 7 hours of video playback time
  • 800MHz Texas Instruments OMAP 3440 processor described as “laptop-like”

Is this the kind of thing you would be down with? And at what price?

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  1. sounds good

  2. Estimated price?, size?

  3. It sounds pretty interestin! This would be good in the $300-$400 price range with the ipod touch being $300 and all.

  4. will it fit in my front pocket? prob. not. there’s gotta be a sweet-spot for devices like this but nobody can get it right. if only the screen/chassis ratio can be improved we could have a 4-5 inch display that we could actually carry around without a gay belt clip or schlepping around a pack all the time.

  5. archos is a awesome company, with great cusomer sevice. cant wait for their phone to come out, ill definitely be interested.
    really im still waiting for the phnoe with qwerty that can replace my g1 though.

  6. I’d probably pay ~350 for it… Maybe $400. The only problem is I can’t quite see the niche for this device. If I’ve already got something in a phone that does most of what this tablet does, and a computer that does more, why this?

  7. I place release date higher on the rung than price right now, the sooner they get it out in US the better.

  8. the bastard children of cell phones and laptops, like this here archos, are borderline useless by themselves. they’re bigger than cell phones with the same functionality, smaller than laptops without the computing power. i think for a device like this to really take off its going to need to be a true middle man and be able to remotely sync to a home computer or other satellite system not unlike what sony and microsoft are trying to do with their home and live services. if you could sync this with your home media system and, say, watch any movies you had in your dvd player, or access any files you had on your pc, or play any game you had on your console, then the bigger screen size would be totally worth while. otherwise, big ol’ pass on this one.

  9. This is what I’m looking for in a phone. I’m a fairly big guy, so I don’t mind the size to hold a 5″ screen.

    And I like the 5″ screen and the 800MHz processor.

    Now if it only has a hardware keyboard, I may set my sights here instead of on the i7500 or Geek One.

  10. I agree with “ManLike” for keyboard;

    Touchscreen phones are getting popular these last years. But typing on touchscreen with one finger or stylus is no fun.
    Many users, for example, have complaints about its onscreen keyboard.
    Due to the small buttons, users are more likely to press wrong keys and slow work on a virtual keyboard than on a real keyboard standard size.

    It is very difficult to hit multiple keys with a stylus or 1 finger; e.g. when you are taking notes in classroom or writing a document or e-mail or any other Office applications.

    As most of these machines have built in a fully integrated Bluetooth, an optional solution would be a multi-protocol solution that combines the phone capabilities like voice recording as well the possibility of normal typewriting speed and this is possible only with a standard QWERTY keyboard size.

    1-Converte voice recording into text;

    2- Standard QWERTY keyboard size would be an optional Bluetooth wireless foldable keyboard (e.g. HP Bluetooth KB) that you can pair to the phone for everyone’s convenience, and provide the best possible user experience;

    Our days young Doctors, Engineers, General Manager, Technicians, Students, etc. that can interest for this kind of machine are good typewriters.

  11. This is one of those devices that people will blog “nah.. it’s to big” but deep inside, They want to have it. I think the point is to discourage people from getting it so that only few of them will have it.

    I will be honest. I want the this phone. I don’t care about the size and how I will carry it. It’s the owners problem. I never like Android but with this one, I am ready to join the Android scene.

  12. I want an external keyboard option, 5″ inch screen at the minimum, and 802.11n for wireless. I don’t want a phone unless it is VOIP based.

  13. HTC released an update for the Cingular/AT&T 8525 Pocket PC Phone Edition device, based on the HTC Hermes reference design, through the HTC America website. The new ROM allows the Cingular/AT&T 8525 to access Cingular Video and adds support for Push-to-Talk and BlackBerry Connect.

  14. 1 word: VOIP. otherwise i don’t want it

  15. I’d wish that Archos had made an internet media tablet like Archos 5. I have one and its awesome but the headphone jack always breaks on me and I’d thought that they would made another but even better.

  16. It is supposed to be smaller (thinner) then the Archos 5, and I have an archos 5 that fits in my pocket perfectly. Plus now I won’t need to have a phone in the other pocket, because it’s also a phone. Basically it’s an Iphone for people who actually have a good amount of music and video. Sorry apple, 8 gigs just doesn’t cut it. 500 is much more my size.

  17. Is it still coming out? I just see internet tablets announced… Anyone know the story?

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