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Live Blog is over but we’ll have TONS of HTC Hero and HTC Sense coverage to follow!

1:49 – So the site had too much traffic right as I wanted to announce that it would launch in Europe in July and Asia at the end of the summer. What about the United STATATAATAATTATES?

12:31 – So can I get HTC Sense on my G1 please?

12:30 – Been collaborating with Adobe so you can enjoy ALL the different flash videos on the HTC Hero with a full screen player. Pure Awesomess.


12:28 – special technology to reduce fingerprints. 5MP camera, sweet screen, tilt sensor, GPS, compass, 3.5mm headphone jack YES! This phone is definitely a winner and I haven’t even touched it yet. But I’ll get to pretty soon!!!

12:27 – HTC Hero is not “cold and slippery” as they are showing it has a Teflon finish by DuPont.

12:26 – Focusing on how the Hero fits great in your hand with the curves and bevels and is optimized for functionality at the same time.

12:25 – Showing people on the street using the Hero. They like how it is slim. One guy likes the chin!

12:24 – Says everyone is trying to copy everyone with phones. Agreed.

12:22 – “Proud to unveil HTC Hero, first in a series to have HTC Sense”… is it only for Android?

12:21 – They reiterate the 3 pillars and say “this is HTC Sense”… Chief Innovation Officer Horace Luke is now on stage. Hopefully it is Hero time!

12:20 – Showing off bookmarks on web. Looks great… kind of like “Card View” on the Pre

12:19 – Phone automatically updates depending on where and when. Weather automatically adjusts to your location. Calendar? Adjusts to your timezone.

12:18 – Most fundamental task of a phone i making a phone call…  just dial J-O and it automatically choose Joseph.

12:17 – Showing off messaging that slides between chat/email/txts/facebook/twitter rather fluently. Looks pretty slick because you did not have to “go in and out 4 different places”

12:15 – WOW- Showing off HTC Sense… customizable clock…. looks sick but there are TONS of options and it ain’t just with clocks, folks. We’re talking widgets, photos, everything

12:13 – John Wang now on stage… to talk about HTC Sense / HTC Hero. They just showed a couple videos of “real” people talking about how they just want phones to “work”

12:12 – HTC Sense will allow HTC to differentiate themselves…. and the will introduce it with… THE HTC HERO!

12:11 – Pillar #3 = “discover the unexpected”

12:10 – Pillar #2 = “Stay Close”

12:09 – HTC Sense based on 3 pillars #1 is “Make It Mine”

12:08 – The experience they’ve invented is called HTC Sense

12:07 – Hundreds of software engineers in US and Taiwan to compliment hardware team. Most advanced Android/WinMO developers outside Google and Microsoft. What is Microsoft?

12:06 – He is talking about HTC’s history with  Android Dream/Magic

12:05 – “We’ve been talking for so long about the smartphone being the future… but the future is now”

12:03 – HTC CEO on stage! I’m trying to film and blog at the same time…. impossible

12:02 – technically should have started by no but if you Google “HTC Hero” look about 5 items down!

11:57 – Gonna start in 5 minutes!

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  • dylan

    yay almost 4 in the morning in California!!!!

  • Ellis

    @dylan poor thing, its usually like that for me with the WWDC

  • dylan
  • dylan

    sorry im just trying to get the most information haha im like on 3 websites

  • Woyteck

    Rob, ask them if HTC Hero has 3.5mm jack socket?
    That is what people want! ;)

  • dylan

    it has the 3.5mm and 5mp cam

  • sonisoe

    wowwwwww….palm pre like operations only better ???? (but without full synergy)…

  • Ricky

    Wow this phone is amazing. Wasn’t a huge fan of it, but now I’m smitten.
    Thanks Rob for the updates, this is why Phandroid is my favorite site!

  • JJ

    Couldn’t have said it better Rickey, I just hope that TMO US gets this baby soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ricky

    @JJ I read it isn’t coming till late 2009 so just calm down and wait or else ur going to be excited for a while. haha. I love my G1 still so I don’t mind waiting, and I don’t have a job right now so by late 2009 im sure i can save some cash. :))

  • dylan

    think spraying my phone with teflon would be a good idea? :p

  • Ellis

    stuff UK already got a hands on, check it out if you like guys

  • BobCat

    Any discussion on briningt the Rosie UI to the mytouch/Magic? Even as a later upgrade?

  • Alex

    Dunno about in the US, but T-Mobile UK are saying mid July. And it has multitouch!


    General info:

  • anonymous_coward

    Is there a video of this event somewhere?

  • Zlatan

    (New on the site.. Hi guys)

    Wow, the HTC Hero in july in Europe? LOVE IT!!
    I feel for you guys in North-America.

    Already a ‘commercial':
    Looks really awesome!

  • The GMG

    WOW I love my G1 but after seeing the Hero video I might have to get that hardware keyboard or not.